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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

9/26 Afternoon Update

Hi Everybody,

Courtney's made great progress, she's getting stronger each day, almost at each visit. She absolutely hates the collar around her neck and trache tube, she grabs at it, lifting her right arm up entirely to tug at the tubes or reach for the strap. It shouldn't be much longer until they can alter the tubing that might eventually allow her to talk. It appears as if she wants to yell or moan at times but the air escapes through her neck before it can reach the vocal chords.

I can't imagine what's going through her mind, whether she's entirely aware of what we're saying and doing or if its all a haze with the sedatives and medication. She has so much pent up energy, she looks out of place confined to a hospital bed. To think about small things we take for granted: she hasn't stood up for weeks, she hasn't tasted food, even been outside. A whole world of news is going on around her, yet her world is made up of an ICU room with little activity except loving visitors and medical staff shuffling in and out.

Court's legs almost have a life of their own, she moves them off the side of the bed to stretch out. The nurses will move her legs into different positions, even putting boots on her at times to arch her feet (they look like designer Uggs, tan with fur lining inside, I think I saw Paris Hilton wearing a pair into jail the other week). She's also undergoing some basic physical therapy, down the road she'll get to move to a rehabilitation center. That may not be for a few months, but we're all here for her.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Anonymous said...

Every update brings more HOPE with it! Thank You Sean for keeping us "in touch!"
Courtney is so strong..she is going to surprise all those Doctors!!!
Keep on keeping on Courtney..we're all right here loving you and keeping you close in thoughts and prayers!
jan Carusone

Anonymous said...

Keeping us updated is such a gift to all of us who love Courtney and her family. Thank you for being so faithful to this daily task!It means so much to all of us who wish that we could be there with all of you.
Sue Lancaster

Anonymous said...

I am back in Phoenix after spending the weekend in Burlington with Courtney and family/friends. My love to all of you - the "Courtney Culture" that has been created is uplifting and amazing. Thanks to you all! Especially to those who gave up their house so that others might have a place to stay and for Sean and this blog that lets us all feel connected even if we are across the country.

I miss the Guitar Hero competition and the big pink, plaid couch.

Courtney, you are never far from my heart!

Liz Olson

Anonymous said...

You're so right Sean - all the things we take for granted and don't notice every day become so glaringly obvious when something like this happens. A lesson for all of us to live mindfully and cherish each moment... Courtney is so lucky to have you in her life... glad to hear she's improving... positive thoughts go out to you all from Cape Cod today...

Martha Conway-Cole said...

Sean,I have been thinking a lot about your request for stories of " first time meeting Courtney" stories.I think the first time I met Courtney was her HS graduation.She received a large number of awards at that. A slightly divergent thought I had is that the first time I talked to Doug was all about Courtney. We were cross-country skiing with friends and Doug told me about Courtney's college search.He described her intelligence, her great grades, her athleticism, and her tendency to fill her plate very full of activity and experiences. Not suprising that she is very active even now.I wish for a more serene level of activity for her.I am thinking of you Court, all throughout the day. I am so encouraged to read your entries, Sean. Thank you.

Ashley said...

As others have said already- these posts are so wonderful. I really appreciate being able to keep up with her progress each day, even though I can't be near her.
Thanks again, Sean!


Anonymous said...

The fighting spirit to make all things be right. Spirit brings on healing, senses our love and shows that we are all connected.
Such progress. One day at a time..
Take care,
With prayers
Dale Brown

Anonymous said...


I've always thought you were a unique person with an incredible spirit and zest for life. An independent woman, an independent thinker, funny, kind to everyone, adventurous. You weren't afraid to be your own person and do your own thing or hang out with the adult (me) on the Belize trip. You're the type who just draws others in. I'm sad we haven't yet gotten to Contra Dance but hopefully we will get the chance in the future. You are loved and missed and my thoughts and positive energies are with you!

Love ya Courtney,