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Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Morning Update and Photos (Part 7)

Hi Everybody,

I'm taking a break from work to eat and blog, feeling a bit tired today after paying Court a late night visit. She smiled a few times and she's more attentive to visitors. She's scheduled to have her PICCs reinserted this afternoon, the surgeons wanted to be absolutely sure they were running to the correct veins.

How many of you knew that Courtney and I were professional models? Our careers have taken off, the modeling industry is actually exactly like it's portrayed in the documentary Zoolander (I find a strong correlation between Courtney and Hansel, they're both so hot right now). When I have a new camera lens or accessory its like being a kid on Christmas, I immediately have to rip open the package and play. I tacked a wrinkled old bed sheet to my bedroom wall, took the shade off a stand-up lamp and had a tripod ready to go. I'm convinced this is how Richard Avedon got his start, begging his girlfriend to let down her guard and strike ridiculous poses in a makeshift studio.

The photos of Courtney were taken by me and vice versa (yes, it was my idea to wrap a slinky around my head). She's a metal chick, so it was only natural for her to start headbanging and swaying her blond locks. There are electrodes matted into Court's hair for now, an EEG machine is reading the electrical activity in her brain. The nurses have been nice enough to wash her hair in addition to all the other little things they do like changing her position in bed or warning her before they prick her finger to draw blood.

The little things are always important. Even though we want her back to normal as soon as possible, we need to be grateful for each little step she takes. There's no need to be afraid because she has too much love and too many people pulling for her to go any way but up. Let's be strong and let's be thankful for the love around her.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Doug Blasius said...

This morning I relieved Martha at Court's bedside about 0730. She had had a restfulnight according to M.

It was time again to read. We are in the middle of Laura Ingalls Wilder, A Little House in the Big Woods. We began with at Grandpa's Party.

I'll share with you now an example of Court's strength.

While reading about Laura and Laura in the bedroom claiming that each one's little sister was prettier than the other, I stopped and added that that sounded like Stuart and James. (Martha's boys)
Courtney clearly smiled and it was a big smile too.

A short time later I mispronounced a word and then apologized to Court and said she had to remember the source, her dense dad...
not only did she give a huge smile,
she gave me an even bigger one when I said it was't fair that she tease me.

She has an incredible constitution. In the face of what she has been thru she is able to tease me...

I share this most intimate exchange because we wish to thank all of you for you unlimited support for Courtney. Please don't stop, in fact, we need your prayers now more than ever.

With deepest gratitude,

Doug/ Dad

PS Stu, don't forget, I'm "the rule maker"

mom said...

Well, Sean,....
What beautiful pictures you have posted for Court's friends and family to share. You always seem to make me smile each day I read your updates. This is no exception.
Lauren and Emily showed up today and shared some very embarrassing stories with me and we got Court not just smiling but silently laughing and not stopping for some time. Thank you Lauren and Emily for the best update for me personally yet!
Thanks again to everyone for your constant prayers and support! It means everything to Courtney and her family!!!!!

Lauren said...

Don't worry Julie... Emily Tully and I will be back for comedy hour number 2 in no time. Just gotta work on collecting some new material. Gotta keep our Courtney smiling!


Anonymous said...

Go Courtney! I can't wait to see your beautiful smile. I too have plenty of "ammunition" stories to embarrass you. Here are some examples: 1)the grapejuice story, 2) the sex pistols story, 3)mow mow water, 4)the pigdeer therapy story, 5)the chocolate mouth story, 6)the cheating at the Olympics story, 7)the ice cream at the water park story and many,many more.

Sean, I can't tell you how many people have been brought together by your blog. Thank you so much! We're all here for Courtney and It's obvious that she can feel it!

Anonymous said...

Marti (Court's Aunt) posted that last message about Courtney stories.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you're showing off your beautiful smile! Sean, I have never met you but from this wonderful site that you've set up it shows how wonderful and caring you are. I check it out every day to see how she's doing and look at her beautiful pictures. Keep up the progress Courtney!

Baird 6

Martha Conway-Cole said...

Last night Court had yet another incredibly competent,gentle, and sweet nurse who so impressed me. I have a great respect for the intellect of medicine but this really has taught me a lot about the human caring in medicine. I thank Courtney's loving supportive friends, the fantastic nurses at Fletcher Allen and of course the docs,though the nurses and respiratory therapists come across as people more strongly. Today we met with a cardiologist who was very smart, helpful and seemed to really understand our need for more info. This doctor had plenty of time for us, showed us her heart sonograms, and made reference to his own child in his empathy for us. Courtney is plowing through all this crap that has been thrown her way and we are cheering her on. I love her town and her friends. I am constantly reminded of her and our great times outdoors with her.
Word of the week is "sketchy" which Courtney used often to describe her adventures such as climbing erupting volcanoes etc.
Doug and I rode a "sketchy" trail on our road bikes and managed to stay upright and enjoy the sunshine. We remembered riding the same trail a few years back with Court and plotted our questions for the docs.
Our only direction is forward and we are seeing progress every day. Keep praying for her and come see us. We love meeting everyone.

Anonymous said...

Ed and I have been reading the updates faithfully and we are so grateful that you, Sean, have chosen this way to honor Courtney and her vibrant life. As Julie's cousin I am so honored to be praying for
Courtney and all of the family and doctors. She has an amazing support group and we are the Texas part of it! Out church is all praying for healing that we know is coming. Thanks you for all you do to keep us connected. Our love and prayers to Courtney, Julie, Marty, Sean, Doug, Marti and all of the friends and family we are getting to know by way of this website.

Sue and Ed Lancaster

Margarita said...

I don't know Courtney, but have learned alot about her here. She sounds wonderful, I can see she's beautiful & well loved. I am a far away friend from Cape Cod, who has been following a blog on Caleb Potter, a young man dealing with a tragic accident & hanging onto life by a thread. One of his 'followers' told us all about Courtney. My heart goes out to you all. My prayers are with you. A candle will light for Courtney every night until she goes home.
Will follow up here. love from a stranger who really cares.