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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things are Going Swimmingly

The prototype Support For wristband, note the Costanza-esque hand modeling abilities

I talked to Court on the phone last night, she told me that Monday's therapy went well and that she swam in the therapy pool at Crotched Mountain for the first time over the weekend. The pool is a large platform that lowers down into five feet underwater with a ramp for aquatic wheelchairs. Julie said Court had a lot of fun kicking and splashing and that walking came much easier in the water.

Court's also been scaling the food pyramid with the therapists clearing her to eat ground meat she's a step closer to getting that hamburger she's been dreaming of for months. We'll have to bring her to RiRa for dinner when we make it back to Burlington.

Our main concerns to be addressed in this next level of therapy are her vision, short-term memory and weaker left arm in addition to continuing her progress in eating, exercising, etc. Her memory seems to be strengthening, her left thumb is more dexterous and we'll arrange to meet with a neuro optometrist in New Hampshire to evaluate her eyesight.

The Support For Courtney Foundation is really clicking on all cylinders with Benefunk locked in for December 5th at Metronome and a silent auction in the works. I was looking to have an order of wristbands like the one pictured above in time for the concert. I found a decent price at wristbands-with-a-message, but if anybody has ordered wristbands before from a different source please let me know.

Feel free to post any questions about Court's rehab, the fundraiser or ways to help out.



Marti said...

I like the wristbands! What color are they going to be? Also, how can we order a T-shirt, wristband, etc.? Do you know yet, or did I miss the info.?

I also got to talk to Court the other day. She sounded good. She had just come back from the pool. Her speech is getting better and her determination is strong. I love being able to talk to her on the phone!

Keep up the great work, everyone. I wish I could come to the concert. Does Courtney know about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Marti!! How can we order wristbands and t-shirts? The web site and all of the info has been and continues to be wonderful. Crotched Mountain looks beautiful and I am so glad that Court is there. Wish that we could be there for a visit.
Love, Sue & Ed

Anonymous said...

I'll post a form with everyone's t-shirt orders so you know I've recieved them. Also you can correct me on any mistakes. Chocolate Bars should be in on Monday. I'll fill people in on shipping and costs some time this week. Keep an eye out.

Courtney, I'll bring a floating chair with a cup holder and a lemony drink for the pool. Just like North Beach, or at least what we always talked about doing. Miss you and keep up the good work!


Valerie said...

hey sean,
are the checks for 'support for courtney' getting deposited at the Chittendon bank? my parents noticed that theirs' hadn't been deposited yet and they sent it several weeks ago. i said i'd check to make sure that the checks were getting received and you know how that is working?

Sean Cooley said...

Hi Val,

Let me check with the bank on the check, I've asked that Chittenden keep a log of all deposits (they are made automatically) and where they are coming from. Please thank your family for their contribution.