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Friday, November 9, 2007

Mark Your Calendars! Benefunk, T-Shirts and Chocolate Bars

This weeks meeting went really well. As usual, thing seem to be progressing quickly and smoothly. Here are the most recent updates.


The dates been set! Here’s the nitty gritty:

December 5th.
9 pm -2 am
$5 or $6 donation fee at the door
The benefit of The Benefunk, once $125 goes to the sound guy, all profits go directly to the Support for Courtney fund as well as all sales of marketing items!

The poster is in its finishing stages and despite my promises before; we aren’t going to post it on the blog until it is finished.

Band Line-up: (order is not set)
Brothers Through Glass (?)
Bone Cobra (or other)
The Burley Jacks

Chain Link Gun Love (?)


Still in the early stages but will be the next big thing. We are thinking sometime around Valentine’s day.


The bars should be ready any day now and we can begin selling.

(the blurb)
Robin Pierson of Stowe Maple Products used a credit she had at Linda Grisham Chocolates (a Burlington Business) to purchase 200 dark chocolate bars for S.F.C. As soon as they are ready we will add our label, made and donated by Emily, to the back of the bars. We can sell the bars directly through businesses and/or to our family and friends as holiday gifts at $3 a pop, all proceeds go to S.F.C.


Shirts have been lined up. The only thing holding us up now is deciding how many to purchase. It would be incredibly helpful if in the next two days EVERYONE interested in purchasing a shirt could let me know how many and what sizes you would order. As soon as you let me know I can decide how many to purchase.

The urgency: The company I am looking at is currently having a promotion where I can buy packages of 12 in 1 size and color for a good deal. This promotion ends Nov. 15th so the sooner I hear from you the better. I’d like to have them done at least a week before the concert (that’s about 2 weeks from now) so we can wear them and raise awareness.

Just shoot me a quick e-mail with your name, number of shirts you want and sizes.


-Ski/ride event
-Bike event
-Bottle drive
-Midnight/moonlight hike

Thank you everyone who has contributed to make this happen.

If you have any suggestions, comments or you want to be added to the mailing list; you can e-mail me at

1 comment:

Marti said...

Once again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. This fundraiser means the world to Court and her family!