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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Busy Day At Spaulding...

Hi all,
Today started off with Courtney waking up at 5:00a.m. and listening to a David Sideris CD. She then promptly fell back asleep, probably anticipating the visitors. She attended her therapy for the morning, walking up and down the hall three or four times with her P.T.'s at her sides. She was somewhat frustrated today, feeling she wasn't doing as well as yesterday. That's great considering she couldn't remember yesterday before! Much progress is being made each day!
Her visitors today included two of her profs. from UVM, the Belize contingency and the University Terr. clan! That's quite a group considering the nasty nor'easter we are in the midst of! Courtney so looks forward to her piers visiting her. I think we(her immediate family) are wearing thin on her. After all, enough is enough! So please keep in touch with her/us via the blog or in person! We all love to hear and see you! Thanks so much.
P.S. God bless Caleb and Sharyn..........they got to go home today!!!! We'll miss you more than you know......
Much love, Mom/Julie


Anonymous said...

What a great treat to know how Court continues to make such amazing progress. I can't imagine how much energy it takes to do what she is doing and Ed and I are so impressed with her courage. She has our love and prayers as do the family and friends of this amazing woman!! Keep up the good work, Court!

Love, Sue and Ed

Anonymous said...


I love hearing about you each and every day and what amazing effort you're putting into getting better. You are one tough cookie and I always admired your spirit! Keep up the good work! I heard you got to see Meg and Jay today; that must have been fun. Hopefully I can make it down, maybe when you get to NH.....I would LOVE to see you!


Jesse said...

Hey all!
Sean, sorry I have been so flaky lately, the stress level is high! I have a meeting with Nectars on Monday afternoon to finalize dates and acts. Hopefully I will be able to give you exact times, bands, logistics...etc.
Courtney! I am visiting you at my next chance (probably mid november), whether or not you are still in Boston. We are putting on a rager of a concert for you up here. Let me know if you have any requests. I am going to do my best to make sure your genre of choice (hair metal) is well represented... Keep it up!
My best goes out to all of you in Beantown.

Anonymous said...

So great to talk to Courtney yesterday. She sounds impatient to get well and get out of rehab. Take it slow, you'll get there!

Gary Flo