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Saturday, November 3, 2007

11/2 Update

It's been another active day of walking for Court in physical therapy and she's exhausted. She had her defibrillator checked across the street at Mass General Hospital as well and everything is clear. We expect to be on the move to New Hampshire this week (assuming this weekend's Nor'easter doesn't wipe out New England). Courtney says she's going to sleep like a log tonight, which doesn't sound half bad.



Dad/Doug said...

The kid is back in her taining regeme! I have no doubt she will out perform her training team.

Her field trip to MGH for Dr. Danick and the Medronic rep want off without a hitch.

Today, Saturday, Court has a large
faction of her Burlington fan club arriving today. I have on doubt things at Spaulding will rock today.

Best wishes and love to all of Court's extended family. It's your strength and love that enables us to carry on.

Marti said...

Thanks Doug! It's YOUR strength and support that enable US to carry on! Your loving, positive spirit is so important to Courtney, of course, but to all of us.

Say hi to Court and tell her that I'll call her on Sunday after she recuperates from her "rockin" Sat. with her friends!

nancy J said...

Angels and heroes Part II

Courtney walked 20 steps one day when I visited and the very next day she travelled the hallway back and forth three times! Immense gain!! The other hero I must mention is dear Sean. Oh the network of support this amazing girl has....we are all blessed XOXOXOXO Nancy J

Melissa said...


You are my hero!!!

It's great to hear you're getting more sleep these days...and that you're up and walking the halls! When's the next trip to Bald Rock?

It was awesome to see your lovely face last weekend, and I can't wait to visit you at your new pad in NH - see you soon! Love you!


Nancy J said...

Angels and heroes Part I
Courtney is an angel and a hero. She is the most polite patient I have ever seen. She always says please, thank you each time to the caregivers. She has that amazing sense of humor. Oh such a beautiful spirit!
Julie, Marty, Doug are also heroes as they continue to spread unending support and help and share their love with such a dear girl...a network of support, friends, family...we are all blessed! Nancy J

Mari IV nurse said...

Big Hugs, Courtney!

and big thanks to Julie, Doug, Sean and all of your lovin' team for keeping us posted.

Fletcher Allen