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Friday, November 16, 2007

Home at last....for Mom anyway..

Well, I finally made it home to Waldoboro, Me. this past Wed. night. I was exhausted. It was a five hour drive from Greenfield to home. "Can't get there from here" comes to mind. Anyway, it's good to be home for a couple of days, even if I don't have a working toilet or clothes dryer.

Things needed to be buttoned up for the winter here and I have already put away the lawn furniture and garden items, so now it's on to the storm windows. Luckily there are only four to do.

I can't believe how strange it seems to be here without the rest of the crew. I thought I'd be happy to be here but all I think about is Courtney and how she's doing. I know she's doing fantastic and her progress is lightening fast but I want to be there to see for myself. I really miss her and it's only been two days away. Marty and Sean are keeping her company and tormenting her to no end I'm sure! She loves all the tickling and teasing they dish out. It keeps her on top of things and makes her smile that phenomenal smile of hers!

So I won't bore you with any more blah-blah from this end. I just wanted to let people know where I was. It hasn't been easy to post for the last week because we didn't have a password and account at the Mountain yet. But we do now so hopefully things will be added in a more timely fashion. Bye for now. Pray for Courtney's vision and continued progress!! Thanks!!

Love, Julie/mom


Marti said...

Julie,I'm so glad you made it home for a couple of days. Try and relax and treat yourself to some Maine lobstah or something! As you know, Court is in good hands. I'll call this weekend. You are always in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Waldoboro! I know you are busy and/or in need of some quiet and rest. But feel free to call or stop by. I am home and would love to see you and give you a big hug.

Pam Eckelbarger

Stu said...

Hi Julie, Marty, Marti, and Sean.
Julie I hope you are able to get a little rest before you head back to Crotched Mt. Sean the pictures are great. You are a remarkeable young man. It is wonderful to see that beautiful smile of Courtney's.

Sean I may be able to call some of the local country clubs near Burlington and get them to donate a round of golf for four players which could be used for the silent auction. I may also be able to get some sports memorabilia

Oh I almost forgot....I was schooled at Guitar Hero by my 13 year old cousin Sam from Raleigh NC. Played a great song by KISS.

Valerie said...

I spent sat. evening w/Court and Sean (and Marty before he headed home to bed) and was thrilled to see Courtney's progress since last week. I watched her walk all around the gym (with a little help from Sean) and was amazed by her great posture while sitting :) Also her speach had gotten clearer as had her was nice that she remembered my previous visit this time! As usual, I know she didn't see what all the fuss was about, but I was so excited. Let's all keep thinking healing thoughts for her eyes...
Court, keep sean & marty in line and I can't wait to see you again!
Love to all~

Julie/mom said...

Hey Val,
Sorry I missed you. I'm glad you got up to see the clan though.It's been really hard being away from Court for this long but I'm headed back tomorrow(Mon.)with some winter clothes.
It's been great to reconnect with all my friends back here in Wallyworld. Thanks to all who were so kind and generous to me!
Love to all, Julie/mom

Sharyn said...

Dear Julie and family - we at the Caleb Potter camp offer you wishes of peace, happiness and healing and enormous joy to come for this holiday and for the remainder of your lives. Blessings, I miss you! Love, Sharyn

Doug/Dad said...

Thanks Sharyn,

Our love and prayers to you, Caleb, and family!

Debbie said...

Julie - hope you had a safe, uneventful trip back. it was so great to get to spend time with you - i am so proud of you.
give courtney and marty a hug and enjoy your turkey day together. you will be in our thoughts and we shall offer a special prayer for you all as we eat our turkey. with much love to you all -
debbie (and george and the rest of the family)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie - glad you could get home for a few days if only to feel more secure (storm windows and all) that you can be where you need to be with Courtney. Hard to picture a Nor'easter down here with the sun shining and a high of 80 today. We have adopted Marti and your Dad for Thanksgiving and part of that dinner's prayer will be thanks for the amazing progress that Courtney has made and for the continuing success of Courtney's therapy.

One correction Sean - it is Pig DEER therapy that Courtney is undergoing. Having known the original Pigdeer - she would like to have that corrected. Marti's other dog is Bear, I fear he will have to get his own therapy process.

Thank you all for your continuing devotion to this amazing person.

Court - I love you - keep working hard!

Love, Liz from Phoenix

Valerie said...

yeah yeah, i know that computer access is limited on the mountain, but we're all checking this website every day eager for news! if you get the chance, we'd be much obliged... :)
love you court!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all......I know we'll all have
Courtney & family in our thoughts tomorrow. It's the BEST gift in the world to have her back with us.....
Lots of love,

Nancy C. said...

Happy Gobble Day to all and thoughts of courage and love are coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and much love and prayers for continued progress for Court.

Ed and Sue