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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Made it to the Mountain

We've spent our first day up in Greenfield, NH. Courtney rode shotgun in the
CR-V and made it through the trip without incident. Wireless Internet is a bit more scarce on the mountain compared to the other hospitals, but I'll post more info when I can. Our first impressions: it's an expansive facility, there's a multitude of activities and therapies, the staff is uber-friendly, Courtney's room and our accommodations feel a lot closer to home and the food is excellent.

On the road up to Crotched Mountain, we passed by the site rumored to house the world's largest trebuchet. There must be some madmen living up on this here mountain.



Anonymous said...

Thats so awesome! Sounds like you're going to love this place, all of you. Glad to hear the trip was smooth and the food is good ;) Talk to you soon and good luck with your first day!

Love, Amber

Marti said...

Sounds like the place for Courtney - and everyone else! I'd love to see some pics, if possible. Good luck finding places to stay.

Hi Court! I hope you like Crotched Mt. Remember to hang in there and take things one day at a time. You'll be fine.

Nancy C. in Maine said...

Good morning Courtney! It is such a beautiful day. I hope you can grab a chance to go outside to breath in the cool, fresh mountain air. I am always thinking of you and sending you telepathic love and support.

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney! Glad to hear you made it there....
sounds like a great place. I'm sure you'll do very well's your home for now!

Love, Patricia