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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hurry up and Wait

It's a hopping Saturday night in the booming metropolis that is Manchester, N.H. I was thinking of sneaking Court off the telemetry floor to the movies or a bar (I wonder if she'll want to play darts). We'll be here through the weekend and at least until our meeting with a resident cardiologist Dr. Kim on Monday. We want to learn more about the risk factors surrounding Courtney's heart condition and weigh the decision to have a defibrillator implant.

One activity that's helped us pass the time has been developing a timeline of the past two years of Courtney's life, an assignment from her speech therapist. Her memory is getting sharper, we ran through most of 2006 smoothly and we've started recounting 2007. It's like playing a game of "this is your life" and I'm finding out more about my girlfriend in a few weeks than I otherwise wouldn't have learned in few years. Luckily, using the power of the Internet, I'm able to dig up some helpful clues like her travel blog from Belize (link here) to spark her more recent memories (it's ironic that we are now watching 50 First Dates in her room, although I like to think I'm handsomer than Adam Sandler).

This weekend's visitors, Amber, Els and Meltron should also be able to help to help dig out some of her deep dark secrets. I think a game of Catchphrase can distract her from feeling confined in the Hospital.


1 comment:

Marti said...

Hey Sean,

Ask Courtney if she remembers making pancakes for me at the Damariscotta Lake Cottage. I'm not sure if it was last summer or the summer before, but I loved it. She arrived early one morning with a pancake griddle and other necessary supplies and made some outstanding pancakes for me. Yes, she can cook, when she feels like it especially if it involves something sweet and chocolaty! Keep us posted on what the cardiologist has to say.

PS You are WAY better looking than Adam Sandler.