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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crotched Mountain Photos

It's day four up on Crotched Mountain and we haven't been attacked by any yetis as of yet. Court's therapies have been going great, I wanted to show a couple of my photos to give everyone a sense of the facility that we've been raving about.

Here's Courtney and myself. They won't allow you up the mountain unless you have a proper mountain man beard.

We found a secret tree house on our walk the other day, it's beautifully constructed with wooden planks and a skylight.

There's a playground across the field from our room in Hayden. I'm looking forward to swinging when it's a reasonable temperature outside.

There was a vicious pack of wild turkeys guarding the media center. I must be a city boy, I took at least forty photos of these birds.

We warmed up inside the greenhouse at Crotched Mountain, we saw the leftovers from the pumpkin patch and fall harvest as well.

I had originally thought the "mountain" in Crotched Mountain might be figurative, but I was wrong, there are a whole bunch of big ol' peaks surrounding the rehab center. The logo is some sort of magical wind.

Here's a sneak peak of Court's room, it's set up just like a dorm room with a bed and a few pieces of furniture. The stuffed dog is for her special pig-bear therapy (you'll have to ask Aunt Marti about that).

She sports some silly faces outside. While I always get Courtney's permission first, she still wonders why I would want to take her picture when she's still recovering. I hope she can see them one day soon. We're testing out her vision, she checks out on seeing light and distinguishing the color of lights, but she still can't see objects or faces. We're working with the Crotched Mountain doctors on a vision therapy plan.

We did a little exploring yesterday and found a candle pin bowling alley on the basement level of the athletic campus. She out-bowled Doug and me, using the bumpers to her advantage. There's a ton of activities for Court to do here, I'm anxious to hop in the therapy pool with her sometime.

I'm headed back to the city today for the next week, so everyone will have to send their love in my place.



nancy J said...

Those pictures bring a smile to my face. You have truly found a fine Rehab. Center. I want to see the stables and secret treehouse...oh my!!!Love and best wishes to all XOXOXOXO Nancy J.

Anonymous said...

The place looks gorgeous! It's great to hear that Court's therapy is going well and that the move has been positive.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the pictures Sean. The place looks AMAZING!!! And yes, wild turkeys are cool. I can't wait to go visit. I'm so glad that Courtney is in a place that is really more her style. Tell her I'll be up to see her asap. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Sean! The photos are great. This truly looks like the place for Courtney to heal & become stronger. I hope to visit soon!
Love to all,

Nancy C. said...

Wow. I must admit I have tears in my eyes but they are happy tears for seeing Court in such a natural, healing place. Do they have a day spa for visitors (grin)? I'd love to come visit soon. Would anybody in my neck of the woods (Washington, ME) care to take a day trip with me to visit Court sometime soon? I'm free most weekends and would be happy to drive. Julie has my telephone number if anybody wishes to contact me.

Marti said...

I agree. Crotched Mt. looks perfect for Court. Thanks for the pics.

Courtney looks great! Especially with the pig-deer (not bear)on her! Everyone knows that the pigdeer has amazing healing properties. Just ask Courtney!

Dad/Doug said...

Their is nothing like a few professional photos to show the place...
Thanks Sean!

Court's new digs suit her. Her therapists are ramping up to max speed... Tomorrow her personal therapist (mom) is taking her in the therapy pool! Nice one mom!

Here comes the sun...
Keep the faith everyone and please keep your prayers coming.

PS. mom is her secretary too, please come visit when possible.

Valerie said...

Abe & I were proud to be the first outside visitors to Court in NH, and we think that it seems like a great place for her to continue her amazing recovery. It had a really nice, laid-back feel to it (possibly since it was the weekend) but Court seemed really happy to be there and we could see why. Everyone seems really attentive and friendly, yay for the mountain top! It's been 2 weeks since I last saw Court, and she has made so much progress: she has gotten so much stronger and more coordinated in her movements! It was so cool to see her sitting up, on the move in her spiffy wheelchair, drinking water from a glass, and enjoying some chocolate pudding...simple things but things she could not do last time! Her speech was clearer and she was doing much better with her short-term memory. She said that she's excited to have visitors now since she feels that she'll be able to remember them later on. We were amazed by her ever-present humor, her positive attitude and determination to make a complete recovery and get home as soon as possible. She's inspiring! Keep on healing courtney, can't wait to visit again soon,
Love, Val & Abe

Jan Boyle said...

Hi Cutie Courtney!!! Crotched Mountain exceeds all of my expectations!!! When can I move in with you?! You look like a goddess in your pictures - they made my heart smile! Please tell Sean that I will take 2 t-shirts in X-large and that I like his scruffy beard!!! Give your Mom a kiss and hug from me, and here's one for you too!!!!! XOXO
love, Auntie Jan P.S. hi to Marti in Arizona!!!! P.S.S. I'm still trying to get Bruce Springsteen for Dec. 5th, but he's not returning my calls!!!! What gives!?

Meltron said...

Courtney I cannot wait to come visit you in your awesome new facilities!!! I'm so glad Sean posted pics so I can see you enjoying yourself outside, you must be psyched! I should be up the weekend after next...we have to go find the horsies! mwah! :)

Anonymous said...

Its good to see pictures of Courtney and the facility, it looks really great. Im going home for Christmas, and my husband and I are planning on stopping in to say hi. Im very excited to get home and see everyone. Im happy that you are doing so awesome Courtney!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. by the way the comment above was from me, Arden.. I had forgotten that since I was anonymous my name wouldn't appear unless I entered it myself.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to be around Courtney as a friend at Galen University in Belize. We took a course together. Remember Court..when we waited for the bus by the roadside and my boss came along and picked us up to San Ignacio? You are such a very friendly person and i am and will continue praying for your successfull recovery. To all Courtney's family and friends....have faith..cause there is a special person looking over Courtney everyday.

Best wishes
A Friend at Galen
Belize, C.A