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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Since Courtney's shocking event a week ago Wed. she hasn't had the stamina or determination she had prior to that. It's certainly understandable but very disheartening. Today she is lying in bed, too weak to do anything, so no PT for now.
On the plus side, her appetite is slowly returning. She has gained 2 lbs. and is up to 115 lbs. now.
For a 5'8" girl, that's quite thin. She walked a long way yesterday with a walker but today it's the wheelchair.
We are gathering our information and talking with Court about how she feels about replacing the defibrillator. Regardless of what decision she/we come to, the old defib will be removed soon. It's a very tough decision to make with pros and cons on each side.
Please keep Courtney in your prayers, esp. at 7 p.m. We love you Courtney.


Debbie said...

julie - thanks for the update even though it is very disheartening. give court a hug from me. you are in our prayers daily and we will be vigilant tonight at 7. stay strong - court is so lucky to have you, marty and doug with her.
much love and good thoughts,

Marti said...

Maybe you should contact a neuropsychologist if Court doesn't bounce back soon. I know that most everyone with a brain injury needs one - actually, who doesn't?

Anonymous said...

I'be been watching from afar since being directed from Calebs site late September. So sorry to hear of this awful set back but I'm such your girl will pull through. It sounds like she has an amazing family, boyfriend and network of friends.
Thinking of you
Alison UK

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, would probably be a good thing to have a person to talk with that's not so emotionally involved.
That's great that she was back up walking yesterday. Maybe today is a needed rest day....
Looking forward to 7pm & our group prayer....

Love, Patricia