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Sunday, November 4, 2007

10/31 Meeting and Events Update + Volunteer List

So glad to hear you got in to Crotched Mtn. Courtney, though I'm not surprised! I look forward to seeing you in a place more your style :) Sean, make sure you throw some Hedberg in the mix, I bet it will ring some bells.

Posted below is a summation of our discussions at the 10/31 meeting and a volunteer list for those who still want to contribute to pull together loose ends for the upcoming concert and other events. There are still many other points of interest, but these are the most up-and-coming events to focus on as of right now. Sorry for the length, I wanted to get those interested in the S.F.C. happenings up-to-date. Following postings will be much shorter.


A date has yet to be set, but it appears sometime in early December we will have 3 bands rockin’ out at the Benefunk for Courtney. The Burley Jacks have already committed while other bands like Brothers Through Glass and Bone Cobra have been suggested or shown interest. We are waiting on a definite answer from the already busy venue, but that should soon come with the help of our persistent friends Jesse and Pete who are on top of it. Once we have a date and time, the bands can give the ok and we’ll have our first S.F.C. event underway.

Our profits at the show should consist of ticket sales, t-shirt sales, direct donations, a coin drop and stickers. If anyone has any other suggestions contact me via e-mail (I’ll post it at the end).

Our main marketing method for the show is word of mouth and tacking up concert posters. Cyrus has designed a mock-up poster specifically for the Benefunk (which you can see tomorrow) and once determined, he will add the band names and the date/time. Emily is working with her mom and Cyrus to get stickers made of the logo to sell/pass out at the concert and use towards guerilla marketing. At the last meeting we all agreed on a final logo design for the Support For Courtney fund (posted above).

We came to the decision that we should have a table set-up with volunteers to fill people in on Courtney’s situation, express the urgency in which the fund needs to grow and manage sales. We are also looking for a volunteer to make a tri-fold informational poster board to stand on the table as a visual at the show. We need something somewhat professional that represents the fact that this situation is very real and important, but also throw in a touch of Courtney’s great personality. Refer to the volunteer list posted at the end for other tasks.


General consensus at the meeting was to have a silent auction online. This way we can appeal to both large and small donors from all over the country. There will be no cost in a venue and organization should be easier. We will need a final copy of the PR sheet to distribute and assist us when approaching businesses for donations of prizes and money. Once we find a host-site and develop a method for acquiring prizes, we can begin the door-to-door approach to request these prize donations. They can range from a physical entity such as a jacket, snowboard, gift basket, movie tickets, and/or furniture to something like a free boat ride, vacation rental for a weekend, day at the spa, gift cards, etc… There are no limits, consider your connections.


Robin Pierson of Stowe Maple Products used a credit she had at Linda Grisham Chocolates (a Burlington Business) to purchase 200 dark chocolate bars for S.F.C. As soon as they are ready we will add our label, made and donated by Emily, to the back of the bars. We can sell the bars directly through businesses and/or to our family and friends as holiday gifts at $3 a pop, all proceeds go to S.F.C.


The final shirt design follows closely to the logo design. After the up-coming meeting I will post an order form for those who would like to purchase shirts of particular sizes before the concert. The price will range somewhere between $5 and $10 depending on the cost of production. I am hoping to print the logo in blue on gray and/or white shirts. After production costs are covered all proceeds will go directly to the S.F.C. fund.

The list below requests both volunteers for time and supplies if available. All efforts are greatly appreciated and recognized:


- 1 person to hang posters 1+ 2 weeks before concert around Church Street
- 1 person to hang posters 1+ 2 weeks before concert around South End
- 1 person to hang posters 1+ 2 weeks before concert around North End
- 1 person to hang posters 1+ 2 weeks before concert around UVM Campus

- Someone to put together tri-fold informational poster with pictures
- 2 people to help create banners and decorate before show
- 2-3 volunteers to handle public relations and run table (sales, describe Courtney’s situation and progress, and hand out letters)
-2 volunteers to keep an eye on and collect coin drop money

-Volunteers to provide the following supplies or find donors of these supplies: tri-fold poster, paint, banner paper, decorations (be creative), printing for pictures of Courtney, printing concert posters (may be all set).

-Multiple people to approach businesses, explain Courtney’s situation, and ask for prize or money donations, or leave coin drop jar
-Someone to make rounds and collect coin drop money
-Someone to write up Thank-You’s and mail them out
-Once collections begin, safe and dry location to store silent auction items
Don't hesitate to pick up even the smallest tasks if that all you can do. All help makes a big difference. Also, if you aren't able to contribute your time, your ideas are always welcome, or you can buy a shirt or chocolate bar! I hope to see everyone at the next meeting and I'm open to all comments and suggestions.
Here is my e-mail:


Sean Cooley said...

This is all awesome news Amber, everyone behind Support For Courtney has been a huge help.

Again, when it comes time to printing materials I can lend a hand by going through the print shop. I'm happy to help out the week before Benefunk to help promote as well.

I'm staying with Courtney overnight for the first time at Spaulding. Everything is going smoothly, she's pretty beat so we've gone easy on the pillow talk.

Our estimated departure date for Crotched Mountain is this Tuesday, just two days away. If anyone happens to have any connection to the Greenfield, New Hampshire area that might be able to provide housing please let me know.

In the meantime I'll be watching over her (and she'll be watching over me).


mom said...

Court and Sean,
"Sleep my child and peace attend thee, all through the night"....
Good night sweet heart, see you in the morning light.
Love, Mom/julie

Lauren said...

While visiting Courtney today I talked to her about the blog a bit and told her some of the things that people write about and asked her if there was anything that she would like to say in response. She told me to tell everyone she says, "Hello and thank you for all of the support". I also told her how many hits this blog has gotten and her response was "holy shit!" I think Courtney is so appreciative of all of the love that she receives from all of her friends and family, so let's keep it coming cause she's really doing great.

Marti said...

Wow. I'm so impressed with the organization and attention to detail on the fundraiser! I can't wait to buy T-shirts and chocolate bars.

Thank you all for the endless time and effort you have put into this. This means so much to Courtney and her family. We'll never forget you.

Can Sean or someone take some pictures of the concert, etc. to put on the blog?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW.... Thank you Amber for the up date and THANK YOU everboby for supporting Courtney and helping us!

Mari IV nurse said...

Jen Henry and I will organize some fundraising at Fletcher Allen, and have emailed Sean and Amber to make sure what we'll be doing fits well with what they and others have planned.

Please give a hug to Courtney from me,


Anonymous said...

What exciting news! Everything is happening so fast and I am thrilled for Courtney's move and the progress she is making. The fund raising is so beautifully organized and it sounds as though everything is moving right along. It sure makes me wish that we lived in that part of the country so we could visit. In thinking about the chocolate bars I wonder if we can buy any of them for those of us who live out of state? I'd love to buy some and of course pay the postage.

Keep up the good work everyone!!

Love, Sue and Ed