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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun in the sun!

You know on certain days , you wake up entirely optimistic about your day, lust because the sun is shining ? That was today for me. It was a beautiful 80• summer day today. I knew I didn't want to run because of the heat and humidity, but , I did want to be active, and play outdoors. After Thursday morning yoga, with Hillary, we went to our usual Thursday post gym breakfast spot. Appropriately named, "Chubby Muffin." As we left I checked my messages , to discover that my OT had canceled , leaving us the entire day to fill.
I was set on being outside, so we hatched an obvious plan. Paddling! We headed to the sailing center, with Hillary's brother in tow. No kayaks till 4 at the sailing center. Boo! We all walked down the bike path to North Beach, to try our luck there. Success! Hillary and I got a tandem, and Matt got his own boat. I was psyched to sit in the back and steer the boat, also realizing that it's a much better seat for me, in regards to having a conversation. I was psyched Hillary was as adventurous as I was feeling, as I headed the boat between a sheer rock cliff, and a massive granite pillar protruding from the water. It was getting slightly choppy, as we turned past a cove, but all went smoothly, aside from me striking the paddle in front of me, all went so smoothly. We all got too much sun, despite sunblock.

We had the boats out for 2 hrs, and then traipsed back down the bike path, where I learned more than I ever cared to know, about the game of lacrosse. I've never had much of an interest in team sports, but, apparently when you do activities with the Bak siblings, that is a subject they seem to generally agree on. Also, Matt is a history major, so he was able to quiz and lecture us on the different war eras. I was thinking, oh yeah, I learned that once upon a time, but I obviously never bothered to remember it . I guess we all have our strengths, but the Civil War Era, is definitely not mine.
We parted ways at Burlington Bay, so I could eat. Hillary returned in a bit, and we walked over to April Cornell, a local clothes designer . I was pleased with myself when I found a skirt I really liked, that is until I tried it on. Pretty unimpressive, on me, anyways.
Next up was yoga, again The instructor , James was very chatty, and spent the first 15 minutes individually greeting us, and asking for areas of focus. I understand the thought behind this, but when I go to a fitness class, I expect to be working the entire time, not listening to the person behind me, discuss their aches and pains, and so forth. What I really love about yoga, is that anyone is welcome, to practice at their own ability level. My balance , flexility, and mobility have more than easily doubled since I began doing yoga regularly. Every day will always be different, in terms of my mobility, but I am just so grateful I've had the opportunities I've been given to help me improve to where I am today!


Julie/Mom said...

Sounds like a good day...any day outside is a good day when the weather co-operates! Hilary is a brave soul letting you navigate!! Ha---glad you all got out on the water.

Ash said...
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Ash said...


Marti said...

What an awesome day! I'm so glad that yoga has been so successful for you. I still can't believe how much energy you have!

Love you!