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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Gold stars to anyone who can define today's title. Or at least tell me where I got that word from.

Moving on,I had an amazing day full of excitement. Started off, somewhat standard. Tuesdays I have a meeting with my rehab psychologist bright n' early at 830. The ride service I use, took full advantage of their 'we can be 20 minutes early, and you need to beady', policy which left me dumping intriguing foods like yogurt , granola bars, and bananas into my purse, and picnicking on the lawn outside the psychology office. So classy. At least it was a beautiful morning, to sit outside and enjoy my piece-meal breakfast on the lawn...

After an intriguing hour of me apparently not wanting to solve my personal conflicts,I went to the track to run away, literally! I was extremely pleased with myself for doing my 3 miles in 50 minutes. I concede, that is very slow by normal standards, but if I'm under an hour, that is HUGE for me. This accomplishment left me just enough time to put on more suitable attire for my next venture, meeting the incredible woman, who was responsible for me being moved to the top of the housing waiting list, back when I moved from S. Burlington. She works under the auspice of Bernie Sanders name.

While I was waiting for the woman at the front desk to get off the phone, to assist me, a handsome man strolled out and asked what I needed help with. As I turned, and began to speak, he says, "Oh, you're Courtney, how was you're trip?". Talk about a great way to confuse me. I explained, I was there to meet Gail, and could he let her know, we were there. But, in the middle, I stopped, and asked , "wait, how do you know my name? He then returned a moment later, to offer tea or water. Meanwhile, I'm trying to place him, as he seemed familiar. Eventually, my 'fail-safe' memory placed him as Burlington's Mayor. Go Burlington! He'd approached me, last month about the marathon, and, I didn't know, for sure, if it was for sure the mayor, I was extremely impressed by his and Gail's manner with me. I'm no longer accustomed to being treated as an equal by those who've just met me, in an office setting, especially, a state office.It was extremely refreshing to walk into a government office, and have a sense of welcome, as opposed to dread, which is more often than not, the case, for me, regarding state agencies.

Michelle and I sat down with Gail, and got her to list off the incredible and widely variables array of non profit agencies in the area. Watching her list off dozens of organizations, and interacting with her, was beyond impressive. It's just so refreshing to encounter people who have a true passion for their work, she knew every last detail, like the back of her hand.

Next, and more importantly, the conversation turned to internships within the office, for Senator Bernie Sanders. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the internship coordinator, then and there. My thoughts were, how extraordinary it would be to have an opportunity to more fully understand how the state intends to assist people, in the capacity they need. My task for this week, is to get all of my ducks in a row, in regards to applying for this internship. I desperately need another position to focus on, and more purpose to my life, aside from rehab. I've had an amazing summer, with outdoor adventures a-plenty, but I now, just have sick, lost feeling, in my existence these days. So, even if it's another internship, at least it's for the community that's helped me get back on my feet. All I need now is to get my application in, and see where things go!


Julie/Mom said...

I hope things turn out well in the internship for you. How exciting!
The rest of the summer will fly by. Can't wait to see you this Aug.!

Dad said...

"Mary Poppins", of course. See u tomorrow!

Chronicles of a Brain Injury said...

Gold stars, Dad!