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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home again, home again!

Spent the past week at home, where I grew up, in Midcoast Maine. Most people know Maine as vacationland, and deservingly so, though not exactly the conditions I might expect on vacation. Waldoboro, my hometown, is on an inlet of the ocean, but there are no real proper ocean views. Most people know Waldoboro as a strip of gas stations, and Moody's diner on Rt. 1. The downtown area is pretty quaint, and you go there knowing you'll see people you know. We live around 8 miles out of town on a cut through Rd. My mom has a horse on the property, and I used to, growing up. Definitely one of the things I miss the most in my life now. I was incredibly fortunate to have worked with Windswept Farm in Williston, doing adaptive horseback riding lessons. Although, they were unable to volunteer their time and horsepower after the gentle Morgan I'd had lessons on died. I was thankful to see my moms horse, and desperately hope I'll have the opportunity to horse back ride in CO in August.

Mainly, I'd. Planned to spend time last week at home, to attend my 10 year High school reunion.


Ash Boyes said...

*sigh* Oct '12('02) 10 year High school reunion... :(

Julie/Mom said...

Between your upcomng kayaking trip to the Apostle Isands and Colorado in August, I'd say you have a full plate of adventure on board!
It was so great to see you this past week and to be in Burlington for a few days too! Missing you !!

p.s. Possie is doing fine!

Dad said...

Wicked good having u home!
Love and kisses