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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shanti Om...

I started off my Monday, trying to plan ahead, and pack for my trip to go kayaking, in the ApostleIslands (boundary waters) of Wisconsin, and I suppose most of us start off under best of intentions, as I did, but when my friend approached me about heading to Mt.philo, packing HAD to wait. Anytime I can get a friend to do something outdoors with me, I seize the opportunity! 'hiking' really gave me an opportunity to appreciate my 'new' eyes, which I've very quickly settled into already. It was so exciting to marvel at the patterns on the trees, up close, and then take the view from the top. My appreciation for the outside world is back in full force, as it's beauty is unrelenting.

After our expedition walking up and down the paved access road (which is about all my balance can handle) we headed on to monday night kirtan. I'm generally pretty close mouthed about my participation in an Indian chanting group. Mostly because whenever I attempt to explain it to someone, I often receive a less than understanding response. Or, an, oh that's nice, kind of remark. Bill however, seemed pretty interested in the idea of it. I brought my case manager once, as she seemed interested, and I was just pleased she had such an open mind. She hasn't ever considered coming back though. In my old life I can't say how open minded I might've been about this activity, but now I could not feel more fortunate that they have accepted me, and those who are brave enough to come with me, and learn about a more holistic lifestyle.

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Dad said...

Yeah Philo! Shant on... Like yoga, it's another medium to enjoy! Bike a little stronger last night! Yeah! Keep it up kid!