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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hit the ground running...

I went to the track yesterday, and after not having been in almost a month, I really hit a groove where I just ran, and kept running. When I arrived, a lady spotted me being awkward about the curb, turning around, moving my cane several times, and it just made it worse that I knew I was being observed. It sometimes makes me freeze, so I tried 3 times , and turned to take the easy way in. (the grass) when the woman who'd been watching me in all my awkwardness approached to offer me help. I accepted, but it was extremely challenging for me to exhibit any grace, as I really abhor bring watched by curious onlookers. People are almost always too afraid to ask me why I move the way I do. I often try my best to be understanding and patient with the people who react unfavorably to my story. Over the past couple years I've realized that guys often do not know what Yaz, is or was, neither do middle aged and up folk, so, I made myself start being general, and saying, "the birth control I took caused my heart to stop, so I have what's called an anoxic brain injury. Depending on the response that receives, I'll decide whether or not I feel like explaining my story, and what that actually means.

In this case the woman introduced herself as a PT student, and she was, admittedly fascinated by my movement patterns, and was spot on as she verbally listed my movement problems. I know the way I move now, makes me stand out from others, but, I also know that people need the education about how to accept those who are different.

However, in this case, it was so refreshing, and I felt like we both probably learned from that conversation.

I continued on the track, long after she left putting in 6 miles. The whole time, I was leering in every direction, stable, but watching everything I possibly could. The whole time I kept thinking how bright the colors were, and critiqued the construction of the new norms, and just as I was wondering why the area seemed so vivid, I realized it was probably because it was my first track run, since having the laser eye surgery, and, wearing sunglasses. I've been so used to running with my eyes crinkled shut from the sun glare, it's like a whole new world on the track. I'm still in awe of how well I see now. I feel like I'm living in a whole new world, and still can't get over it!


Dad said...

6... Great job! And ask far as the vision thing, I feel it will only get better... Like a fin wine! I rode 1loop last night, not much energy. I guess working 20 days straight wears on you. Ah but today is a new day !

Julie/Mom said...

Interesting to hear about meeting the PT student...I think you should post how you think people should react to a disability. People are so "uptight" about being politically correct in any given situation.
Fantastic news about your eyes!!! YAY!

Marti said...

I agree with your Mom. With your winning smile and positive attitude, you are a good one to help educate people on how to treat the disabled.

I, too, am SO happy that your improved eyesight has given you the ability to see the world in a different, better way!

Keep up your good work!