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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Surprise visit!!

Yesterday, while up to no good, looking for jobs, face booking, and cleaning, the phone rang, and I was surprised to see a friend from home was calling. Eager to catch up, I answered, and got the "Guess where I am?" response. I understand that typically when someone does that it usually means they're nearby. And, they were!

I knew she couldn't understand me very well, but we made a plan to meet at 9, when I'd wanted to go to yoga. But, close friends come so rarely, I had to see them. Apparently they'd been to a wedding, on the camppus of Matt's friends college, St. Micheals. I guess if you meet in college that's a great to the place to tie the knot, as it probably has the same amount of meaning. Though, it still seemed like an odd wedding venue.
They stopped by at 9, so we could go to breakfast. I thought it'd be fun to go to the Skinny Pancake, so we could appreciate the lake. I didn't realize they were off to Oak Ledge Park after. Basically, they ended up backtracking.
As fast as they appeared they were gone, and I found myself taking my standard Sunday stroll around the Winnooski Farmers Market. I found myself annoyed with the woman at the money table, as she couldn't figure out how to get funds from my food stamp card. Not a big deal, but I explained the differences, and which side was valid. She seemed to understand what I told her, but kept repeating the same mistake, which left some question. I only had $5, which doesn't get you very far, although I did surprisingly well, enjoying a smoothie, getting a chocolate croissant from the baker, cucumbers and zucchini from a farm I didn't recognize, and carrots from Roxanne. Last year, I bought a sunflower from her almost every week. She sells such a variety of good, but I always just wanted a sunflower. Weird, probably, but I really appreciate how the brilliant yellow brightened up my living space a bit. Also, whenever I talk with her, she is really honest if she doesn't understand something, which I really appreciate.
I walked back to my building, and made myself was and cut the veggies while I was still thinking about it. If I don't the just rot in my fridge I've learned.
After making a giant mess of the kitchen, I took the jogger out for an evening jaunt. The difference in how people respond to seeing me with the jogger is huge from last year. Almost everyone I pass initiates a hello, as they pass. Last year, it made my day, if one person did that.


DAD said...

I love you Farmer's Market! :)

DAD said...

I meant Your Farmer's Market!

Courtney said...

Me too!

Julie/Mom said...

always nice to hook up with an old friend!
Farmers word comes to mind...........YUM!!!