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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The late, great daughter of Mother Earth"

That title is a line from a song from 'Rent' that's currently playing.
I don't really know why I'm writing, except because I just went through an envelope marked 2006 taxes, and found it filled with paper details of my 2007 life. Stuff like concert tickets, insurance claims from minor medical traumas, business cards, pacing lists for backpacking trips, a receipt for the renewal of my drivers license, job postings, I'd applied for, and a stack of photos. One of the things that really struck me, was a photo of Sean, that he'd probably taken himself. It was a random stack of 24 pics I'd pulled out, and I was loving all of the beautiful colors from my Honduras, and Guatemalan adventures. I got to the last 2 photos, and they are of Sean and I from 08, I assume. One is of Sean, it looks like he took it, and I'm next to him, more like clinging to him. But, what struck me, was the lack of expression on my face. I have the same dull, expressionless face in every photo from those days, unless, someone told me to smile. To me, thats a true indicator of how blind I was. The other one is us on Pat's snowmobile. When I look at my face in both of them, I can tell I had no idea there was a camera nearby. It's interesting for me to look back on those days, and tangibly realize the progress that has been made since then. It's just made me realize, what a long, difficult journey it's been, and how long it's taken me to appreciate all what I've learned and accomplished since then.

Were all the same, in the regard that everyday, is a new day. What makes us different, is how we decide what to do with our day. That's where the differences lay.


Marti said...

You're so wise. And I'm so glad that you can now see the amazing progress you've made.

Read Noelle McNeill's email that I just sent you. You two have so much in common.

Dad said...

Yes, yes, yes! You are so right. The difference is in what We do and How we do it. It Also shows others who we are.
Thanks for the thought!

Julie/Mom said...

Keep on keeping I said before: the best is yet to come!

Anonymous said...

You may think that you look bland to the camera's eyes but we know that your mind is ticking away inside and you are always on the verge of impressing us once again! Love ya, Ms. Court !!