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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birds of a feather

Ever think you put too much on your plate? This is my double-edged sword, in that I take on too many commitments, and lead myself into failure because I can't see there isn't enough time in the day/week/month.

You can ask me to do something, and if I'm able, I'll say yes. This gets me into trouble with my rehab team all the time. For example, my job developer, who is one the biggest assets to my team, incredible drive, and follows through (OMG), which is an example I need, at least in terms of follow through. I be always been motivated to follow through on things I'm passionate about. Though, oddly, I'm not passionate about participating in the menial, pain in the ass, details in rehab. life I stink at. No one accepts pointed criticism gracefully, at least no one I know, myself included. I've come a long way, in the sense that I've learned to accept constructive criticism as a tool for potential improvement, not as a critical allegation towards my lifestyle. If I believe I'm being judged, in this situation, I generally withdraw my effort. This is not effective for me, or my team, do the real challenge for me is learning to accept assistance, in any regard. This isn't just a brain-injury manifestation, but rather, a standing part of my psyche. What I've been unable to realize, up until recently, is how these actions affect others. The intent isn't to focus on others perceptions, accolades, or criticism, but to consider these concepts in regards to making better choices. Yikes.

1 comment:

Julie/Mom said...

Congrats on your award ceremony. I'm so sorry I couldn't make but sounds as if you had some nice support there!
So, birthday coming up, trip to Colorado, Maine half marathon, possible trip to D.C., hhmmm, not too much on your plate busy girl. Have fabulous time in each endeavor. I can't wait to hear all about them! Love you the most!