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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A half marathon!?

Well, I have some big news, in terms of something I'm wicked excited about. Yesterday, I registered for the Blueberry Cove 1/2 marathon in August! Since I never got around to it last year, I'm still on that mission, and, now I've committed to it, spent money on it, and announced my intentions in public forums, I'll be ashamed if I don't do it. That's a super unhealthy motivating factor, yet, still a motivating factor. I have to set big goals for myself, even if they're unrealistic to acquire the motivation to push myself relentlessly. A brain injury feels like endless work because I'm always measuring what I can do now, relative to what I was ale to do before. Looking back, to where Ive been, and wher I am today, I feel very blessed, and gifted to have had the help, persistence, and generosity of so many others behind me.
I've only braved the cold temperatures once this year, to run outside with the jogger. Although, I'm beyond thrilled to report that I've been running unassisted on UVMs indoor track. Gaining entrance to that track is occasionally questionable, but as of yet, they're still letting me go in. Only full time students an staff receive access, so, if I go in with a group, they don't notice. Today, the gatekeeper noticed, but just let me go in. I know I could apply my sad little case to the powers that be, and hopefully be granted rightful permission. It just takes an awful lot of effort, for a system, that isn't causing problems for anyone. So, I'll continue on my merry little way, until someone decides I can't be there. Right now, I'm beyond thankful for it, as I'm figuring out how to run without support. Hillary always has to remind me to actively use my left arm to propel myself, and to not hunch over when I'm trying to run. She has been so helpful in correcting my gait, and keeping me more mindful of how I'm holding myself while moving. I am so pleased she is willing and able to assist me in this respect. We all know I have a lot of work to do, to reach this goal, so, I'm trying my best to be open minded and appreciative of all the assistance I get. Mentally, that is so difficult sometimes, but that's the way life is now, and I need to work on retraining my mind of that.


Marti said...

I'm so impressed and encouraged that you can run unassisted at that UVM track!

I wonder if you could get some kind of special permit to use it? I would think you could.

Keep it up, Court!

Marti said...

Also, I think it's wonderful that you signed up for the 1/2 marathon! It's important to maintain those goals.

Julie/Mom said...

I am thrilled that you are running, assisted or not but just getting out there and doing it! It's also good that Hillary is so helpful with you and that you are willing to heed that advice. I am so glad she is there....give her my best and keep up the great work!
Love you!