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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Whitewashing in a Winter Wonderland

There's no better way to show your loved ones that you care than to pelt them with snowballs, then knock them down and mercilessly shove fistfuls of snow in their faces. We enjoyed a post-blizzard snow day in the expansive backwoods of the Greenfield house on Sunday. The owner was doing a bit of logging, hence the chopped trees and fire pictures, we served as the halftime entertainment, I believe that Marti's friend Gordon drew first blood with the snowballs and the battle escalated from there.

No one was safe, especially the guy with the fancy, but non-waterproof camera, I bounced between snapping shots and playing defense. A majority of the snowballs appeared to be targeted for Court's aunt Marti, who flew up from Arizona this week specifically to participate in the fight (and probably spend Christmas and New Year's with us too). Unfortunately Marti must leave to return home to her shelties, she could only stick around to see pretty white fluffy snow and not the grimy brown slush it will eventually melt in to.

Court hit the gym yesterday for part of physical therapy, she's been exercising on simple leg machines with light weight. Not only is weightlifting a part of her rehab, she's also training to box Ivan Drago in a few months so hopefully her stamina is up to snuff in time for the fight (running with me on her back and drinking raw eggs are part of the next phase).



Aunt Marti said...

Hi, I'm trying to see if this comes through. Happy New Year to everyone!!

Julie/mom said...

Happy New to everyone! With 2007 now behind us, we are looking forward to a great new year of progress,health and happiness for all! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and we all look forward to hearing from you this year.
The "Maine faction" of Court's support group has tentatively announced that a concert has been planned for Feb. at the Waldo Theatre!! More info to come as it develops.
Thanks to everyone for your phenominal support of Courtney and her family! You all are God-sends!
Love, Julie/Mom

Nancy J said...

Please let me know about the Maine music in Feb. because I would like to help and I can get some musicians too. Nancy J

Aunt Marti said...

Well, I'm home in Phoenix enjoying a sunny day with 70 degree weather. What a difference! I've just spent that last week or so with Courtney, Julie, Sean, Marty and company. Within that week, I saw Courtney make remarkable progress. She walks beautifully with help and her speech is coming along. She took every chance to give me a hard time - just like before the cardiac arrest. It was lovely - even though I don't deserve being made fun of! As you can see by the fun pictures from Sean, we played in the snow, ate lots of pancakes and French toast while sitting by the fire playing "Catch Phrase" or "Jeopardy". Courtney's ability to beat us all with her articulate answers to these games was impressive. She still has a hard time standing, but as the week went on, her standing ability went from shaky to quite smooth. I was so impressed with her determination to keep up her physical therapy. She has an unending positive spirit and is totally focused on her recovery. Julie, Sean and Marty are so loving and patient with Court as she goes through this healing process. I especially loved watching how gentle and caring Sean is with her. Although there were plenty of times that they ended up in a fun wrestling match on the floor. I took lots of pictures of Court and everyone else. I hope I can figure out how to get them onto the blog.
Anyway, I'm glad to be home, but I really miss my daily routine with Court, my family and Brenda (the owner of the house where everyone is staying). Thanks Brenda, you make everyone feel completely at home. Hello to Sarah, Laura, Jen and Steve too. I miss you all.

Best wishes for the happiest of New Years - especially for Courtney!

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney, This is a great way to feel even a little conected to you and your whole family. I think of you often and I wish you health and healing in 2008.Pictures of you are beautiful and inspiring! Love, Jennifer (Oddleifson)