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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Neuro-eye exam

We are off to see the Neuro-optomitrist early tomorrow morning. Courtney is reporting that she is seeing better each day but we don't want to miss anything. I'm not sure what we will learn from this exam but I am excited about it and hope it gives us some insight as to how Courtney sees and where we can go from here. Maybe it will just be "time" and that will be ok as long as she continues to improve. She is starting to read words in inch size or so and is playing some card games with a large deck so things are looking up. It must be all the prayers and positive energy everyone is sending her way! Please continue to do so and we will let you know how everything goes after the visit. Thanks to all!!
Love, Julie/Mom


Marti said...

Best of luck, again and I hope there is a great vision for the future!

Patricia said...

Hey Wonderwoman Courtney! I'm so, so happy to hear that your sight is improving.....You're getting better every day in every way.
Julie, I'm looking forward to connecting with you this weekend.
Love, Patricia