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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

24 Hour Trainer Riders Brought In the Bling $$$

With a coin drop sitting in front of their tent set-up and a table of flyers, stickers and posters, the UVM riders brought in over $700 for the Support for Courtney fund. Thats over $100 more than the projected outcome. Thanks UVM Cyclers for your effort and enthusiasm as well as your participation in the Support for Courtney cause.

Sooner or later Courtney will be out there with us, cruisin' around B-town and having a good time.



Anonymous said...

Thank you again UVM cycling team and everyone who donated money for Courtney's recovery. I continue to be so impressed with the incredible determination and on-going dedication to Courtney's cause. You are all a wonderful tribute to humanity and a gift to us all.

Much love,

Marti (Court's aunt)

Julie/Mom said...

WOW!! I am running out of words and expressions of gratitude! As has been said by many others, WELL DONE! Courtney's friends and cohorts are an incredible example of dedication and true friendship. We are all so impressed! Thank you SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome!!!

Doug/Dad said...

Sean has some video of Court riding yesterday... Great timing!

Thank you everyone!

You're right Amber, Court will be cruising around Burlington soon!