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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One Badass Snowboarding Trip


Thanks to Crotched's winter recreation programs, Courtney will get a chance to ski on the resort side of mountain on the 18th, so I took a sneak peak yesterday and tried out my new snowboard in the process. I was with Courtney when I bought my first snowboard at Burton's summer sale in Burlington, hoping that she take me out to Smuggler's Notch or Jay Peak and show me the ropes. The Crotch may not be on par with Vermont's mountains, but it was great for me, a beginner with a few lessons under his belt.

Before hitting the slopes, I poked around the equipment room and saw the adaptive skis and snowboards that the recreation crew uses. With a combination of handles and leashes, Court will be able to ski with someone riding behind her as a guide (not me, unless she's got body armor on). While I was better than the majority of the seven and eight-year-old children on the mountain, my boarding skills use some refining, but I had a lot of fun and sustained only a mildly sore posterior in the process.

Wish us luck for tomorrow, we're bringing Courtney to Windham, Maine for a day-trip to the neuro-optometrist, I'll post some bits after the appointment.


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