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Friday, January 25, 2008

24 Hour Trainer Ride for Support For Courtney; Hosted by UVM Cycling

Today at 3:30 pm, the UVM Cycling team started setting up for their 24 hour trainer ride on Church St. The ride was organized and developed by Mike Femia and the team to raise money for Support For Courtney. Thanks to this courageous crew of cyclers and friends (its really really cold), a table with a coin drop, an informational poster, stickers and fliers will be on display for a full 24 hours raising awareness to everyone passing by. That just about covers it all; families, people going to and from work, people going out to for a good time and people coming back from a good time with an added stagger to their step.

We are so lucky to have such a great group to help us raise awareness to Burlington's public. If you are in the area, scoot down to the Burlington Square Mall where you will see a red Ski Rack tent with a bunch of riders in spandex and bikes set up all around. Bring something warm and some good cheer, because its going to be a bone-chilling 20 degrees tops. They will be there until approximately 4 pm tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for information on the Winterfest, February 9th, hosted by Lynn Gregory and her CDAE class working with Jeff Szatkowski.

More information on the Silent Auction, it is still happening, is soon to come as well. If you are expecting a t-shirt, don't worry, they are made and should be shipped out in the coming week. Things on the Support For Courtney front were put on hold temporarily due to Winter break and personal commitments, but is in full swing again.

I'll leave you with this tidbit of information . . . the cycling team really gets pumped when inspirational music is blasting, for example: The Final Countdown.



Julie/Mom said...

Go UVM Cycling Team!!! You are the greatest! I can't believe you are out all night braving these fridged temps all night long! I hope lots of people come out to keep you company. I wish I was there to help but am way too far away. Thank you to everyone who is still keeping the fires burning for Courtney's sake. You all are one of the main reasons she is doing as well as she is! Let's keep it up!!
Much love, Julie/Mom

Julie/mom said...

P.S. AMBER....
Thanks for the update!!

Amy said...

Wow, that's hardcore! Hope you're doing well, Courtney. I had a dream that you and I were emailing each other back and forth, and I thought that was pretty cool considering how much better your eyesight has gotten. I'll try to call soon!

- Amy

DAD/DOUG said...

WOW, I wish I could have riden with you all some...

Thank you for your continued support for Court. (you too, AMBER)

Court had company from Boston yesterday, and from Maine today. 2pm is therapy pool time today. It's awesome.

Court sends her love to everyone.