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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Discharge from the Crotch (What a Gross Title)

We had about 15 people sitting in on today's meeting, all working toward achieving a recovered Courtney Blasius and planning for the day when she eventually rides off into the Crotched Mountain sunset. Here's a roundup from the agenda:
  • Based on Courtney's progress thus far, each of her therapists saw a potential benefit in her continuing therapy at the mountain for at least for another month.
  • Courtney's says she wants to work on becoming more independent while at Crotched Mountain, with goals of unassisted walking and dressing herself in the near future.
  • Her destination of choice for outpatient therapy is Burlington, although we need to be sure any facility in the area can meet all of her needs (vision impairment, physical assistance, local therapy, comfortable living, etc.)
  • Court's case manager is working with the insurance provider to allow her stay at the mountain to continue. We're still awaiting approval from Vermont Medicaid, changing providers may alleviate some time restraints on her rehab.
We'll await word on the insurance, in the meantime everything is great in New Hampshire. No one could have a assembled a more caring, helpful and knowledgeable support team. I'm glad everyone liked the snowboard video (she stayed on her feet the entire time, Lindsey Jacobellis is jealous) I'm sure there'll be more ridiculousness in the weeks to come.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are moving right along. I hope things work out for everyone - especialy Court of course. I never thought I'd think that discharge from the crotch could be a good thing - yipes!

Sean, I think we are all up for more ridiculousness!! Keep it coming.


Aunt Marti

Martha Conway-Cole said...

I was so pleased with Courney's progress. She is very strong, determined and positive. The eyesight is definitely progressing and I was very impressed with Court's therapists as well as her motivation. It seems like independent walking, dressing, and getting around her room on her own would make a big difference in where she can go to next.Next 30 days will be very important.-Martha Conway-Cole

Anonymous said...

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Anonymous said...

What great news!!! keep up your fabulousness c. blasius :)


Sars said...

That is such great news! I have been keeping up with all the updates and supportive things posted on this page for the past few months. I just want to say I think its so amazing Courtney has such a great group of people in her life to support her.
This is my first comment, so I should probably introduce myself! My name is Saranden Seip and Courtney and I were friends in lower and middle school. I met Courtney through her Aunt Marti who was my science teacher when I was younger. Courtney and I also attended summer camp together at Camp Wamatochick in Prescott, AZ. She was great with the horses (obviously), but my favorite memory is sitting around listening to Courtney sing. We all thought she was trying to sound like a country/western singer but soon realized that she was just tone-deaf. Hahaha. We had a lot of fun that summer :)
I just wanted to send my love not only to Courtney who I don't think I've seen since I was either a freshman or sophomore in highschool, but to let all of you know how amazing you are!!!!!! It is so great to be able to check this site and know exactly what is going on.

Please send Court my love! The progress she has made and continues to make is nothing less than MIRACULOUS!

DOUG/ said...


Valerie said...

you had to go there with the title...i'm so glad that inwardly we are all still a bunch of 3rd graders :) where could i expect to find you all on sunday afternoon- the crotch or the house? xo val

Lisa Walsh said...

I think we should think about a new name for the mountain...!
Courtney, your snow boarding video is amazing!
You are an inspiration to all of our recovering CMRC clients!! :)