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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Adaptive Snowboarding

I've edited together a video clip from our day of snowboarding on Friday. Courtney had great stamina, riding down the bunny slopes for three runs. If we can get her into the rotation for the adaptive snowboard program, she could take the ski lift up to the top of the mountain next time, perhaps in early February.

Another full day of therapies tomorrow and then looking forward to our meeting with Crotched's staff on Tuesday.



Lauren said...

The video was amazing!!! Thanks so much for taking it Sean. It was great to see her snowboarding! She kicked some serious butt! Go Courtney! I can't wait to shred the gnar-gnar with her someday soon.


marti said...

WOW. Courtney looked sooooooo great! Keep it up Court - you're so awesome. I wish I could be there with you - although me on a snowboard could be scary.

Thanks, Sean for putting together another in the fantastic series of Courtney videos. I love the music! However, we didn't seem to see much of YOU. Were you hiding in the lodge with a cup of warm cocoa? Oh ya, you were taking the video. Heh, heh.


Aunt Marti

Julie/mom said...

Well Sean,
Another great video of Courtney and you! Thank you so much for putting that up. I really wish I had been there to see that, it brought tears to my eyes to see Court do what she loves again, and not even fall once! I really hope she is able to get to the top of the mountain next time.
The weather here in AZ. is quite chilly for this time of year. It gets below freezing at night sometimes and only in the low 60s during the day. I know, stop complaining, it's balmy comparatively speaking but I'd love to see some 70s before I head back to N.H. My Dad is hanging in for now. He sends his love to Courtney as do we all. I really miss you all and will anxiously await new postings on the blog!
Much love and energy,

Anonymous said...

sean you seem like you have dropped your whole life, just wondering if that is a wise thing to do, i imagine you need to work how do you manage between your job and courtney,,,,,,,your doing a wonderful thing but need to focus a little on your life also. leaning too hard on someone may make the strong tree crack you need some balance here/////

Sharyn said...

Courtney and fam...that was spectacular!!!! Caleb improves with each day as well- more difficultt o try to stay on top of therapies at home- so we are happy that you have the magnificent Crotched for Courtney. Hope you are all in fine spirits. Best Sharyn, Caleb Kai and Max

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie, Doug, and Sean: Please pass along this message to Courtney...

Hola, Courtney:

We've been in Belize for three weeks now and have just started the second week of classes at Galen. We have a wonderful group of students this year, although last year's group is tough to match!

We think of you often, particularly when the students do some of the things that your group enjoyed so much last year (like taking a weekend trip to the cayes).

Because it has taken us a while to get online, we have only recently accessed the website. We can't tell you how amazed we are by the video and thrilled that you're able to start doing the things that you so love to do. One of our few regrets about being here this winter is not having the opportunity to witness these things first-hand.

We hope things continue to progress quickly. We'll see you when we get back in the spring--whether it's in Maine or Vermont or anywhere in between.

Hasta la vista!

Love, Jay and Meg

Sara said...

Go Court! So great to see you back on the slopes!

patricia said...

I was right there with you, Little Missy (Julie...) sobbing as I watched her snowboarding. The whole thing is still so shocking..
Courtney, you're amazing & I know that people tell you that all of the time, but you really, really ARE!
Lots of love, Patricia
and ps- our cats are still cuter than yours!

Valerie said...

wow, that is so cool, thanks Sean for doing that video! it's awesome, Courtney, you looked extremely cool :) I'm hoping to come say hi to you all this weekend, since it's the last that I'll be in CT. 'till May. Julie I'm mighty jealous of you right about now! Love to you all~ Val