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Friday, January 4, 2008

Chillin Poolside

Court in the Pool with Dad

Courtney unleashed some pent up swimming energy in the therapy pool last night, after allowing a few weeks for her old defib incision to heal up. As I've mentioned before the therapy pool is more like a therapy hot tub with 80 degree water which Court can move through with ease. Come pool time she's Superwoman, jumping and running with reckless abandon, hopefully it's a preview of things to come on dry land.

Court has steadily improved her eating skills, transferring food to her mouth seems to be the most difficult, but she tackled the challenge of peas at dinner. I didn't realize how tricky it can be to eat everyday foods like rice, peas, soup or spaghetti (somehow chocolate, in any form, makes it straight to her mouth with minimum spillage). She's nearly mastered picking up drinking glasses and eating from bowls of oatmeal or pudding.

In occupational therapy Courtney has practiced dressing herself in the morning. She's had mixed results using a Sock Aid, which entails unrolling a sock over a plastic semicircular tube, sliding her foot in the tube and pulling the socked end over it using a rope attached at one end. Her left hand is still weaker than her right and trying to put on a sock with one hand is futile exercise, as is helping to put on gloves in under ten minutes. But she's getting better at zipping up her jacket and taking it off, a skill she'll need to brave New Hampshire's 10 degree temperatures.

I've just bored Court to sleep with some Democratic debate videos, locals have been talking about the primaries coming up on the 8th and I haven't decided who's the least filled with bullshit just yet.



Anonymous said...

I love the new video! thanks for keeping us updated. sorry we missed you court on newyears, turns out it never stops snowing in maine. keep up the great work.

love, Helen

Marti said...

It's great to see Court in the pool. She must love the freedom to move about with such ease. Best of luck with Court's eye appointment this Tues. Keep us posted. I miss you all!


Aunt Marti

Marti said...

I'll be thinking about you, Courtney, on Tuesday for you eye appointment. Best of luck to you.


Aunt Marti