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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The big 2-8!

We've officially survived 5 years of my brain injury experience, as of today. That said, I'd like to thank each one of you, for your support. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support I receive. On this night in September, 5 years ago, my heart ceased, for seemingly no reason. Truth is, the contraceptive, Yaz is what caused my heart to stop. Have to say I feel pretty stupid now for not having had more concerns about the plethora of contraindications on the box. Let me tell you, a 7 month hospital stay and 5+ years if brain injury rehab. is not a favorable way to learn this lesson. My birthday is something I look forward to each year, yet, because I know share that day , with the event that stopped me dead in my tracks, it can be bittersweet. Though, all that said,that event has really shown me why you should take the time in life to enjoy every moment. The more connections my brain reforms, the more I feel like, who I remember myself as, although much less nieve. That said, I would, however like to focus on my birthday celebrations today. My first Vermont friend from way back in the day of college orientation, Ann, picked me up at 8 for a celebratory breakfast. Ann has been the most loyal, and consistent person in my life, here in Vermont.Ann even worked as one of my life skill aides, back in the early days. And, somehow, she is still here, and still keeping in touch. I must say, I had my ideal birthday breakfast of crepes, oozing with nutella, bananas and strawberries. Ironically, this feasts rant is called the Skinny Pancake... I am so thankful to the friends who are willing to eat out with me, because, it's fun, and much tastier than anything I ever cook. This was such a treat, because I so rarely see her, between her 60 hr work week, and assorted extracurricular activities. I pent a good portion of my time at the table wiping nutella of my face. So classy. No sooner did I get home , to receive a call for lunch. My choice again, I chose American flatbread, and enjoyed my favorite flat bread, with Kathy, who took me into her home, and helped me round the clock, back when I needed help, or a vigilant eye with everything from dressing to eating. Another person I'm shocked has kept in touch so closely. I've known her for 4 years now. Today, felt like the first time I'd ever spent time having a meal, with just her, and her relatively undivided attention. Seems crazy, but true. Lunch was short, but sweet , before I got whisked off into her next obligation. I got back around 4, overwhelmed by a need to finish packing, and go for a run. While I was packing, I heard a knock on the door, and was psyched to see another old college friend, as well as previous roommate. She is always on the move, so I felt honored she fit in time to pop by. She bright me card and gift, but I was just happy to have a moment to catch up slightly. After I finished packing, I went for a jog in the evening light, or lack of. It was such a beautiful day, talked to, and saw most of my favorite people. Thank you to everyone who showed, their love, friendship and support!


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Julie/Mom said...

I'm glad you had such a good birthday! It's always fun to be surprised by old friends.
Have a fabulous time in Colorado and a safe flight today. Try to get some pics out west. I'll talk to you when you return.
Love you! Mom