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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 year Anniversary!

5 years ago today, my heart stopped. The chances of any 23 year olds heart stopping, are slim to none, which is one of the main reasons I feel so fortunate to be here. Another being that, the chances of actually surviving an anoxic brain injury is unheard of. That's right, you've never heard of an anoxic brain injury for a reason. Because there are very few survivors of them. Period. I wasn't really aware of this for a long time, but here I am 5 years later, still refusing to accept the perceptions that are put on me simply because I have a brain injury. I like going to support groups and conferences,having to do with brain injury, but I rarely, to never feel like I'm able to benefit, in regards to being comforted that I'm not alone in my struggles. I mean, in specific regard to the assortment of disabilities, I know struggle with. I often wonder how anyone does. We all have such widely varying, and complex issues. One thing I do appreciate is hearing other people's stories about what happened to another, and the struggles and complications they've been through. Brain injury is pretty interesting because it's an umbrella term. For so many incidents, from strokes to concussions, as well as blunt force trauma, and having brain cells die because of lack of Oxygen. Pretty amazing, what the medical community, in general is capable of.
I have my brain injury, because a doctor gave me no other options for a contraceptive pill. I was taking Yaz, a pill that was commonly marketed, and well known in my gender, and age group. I say that because I commonly find myself explaining what it is to anyone not my age group, or whose male. Always makes for weird conversations with strangers. Awesome!
That said, I definitely have my amazing family, and friends, as well as my exboyfriend, Sean to thank for my survival.l. There is some saying about how it takes a big group of people, to accomplish things, and my group has surely changed over the years, but we're still just as strong! A gigantic thank you to everyone whose helped out in any way, in the last 5 years, it's because of you, I'm able to get up in the morning, and take on whatever the world has in store for me each day!


Anonymous said...

A Big HappynCB Birthday to you. I'm very happy you had such a great trip! Onward and upward!

Julie/Mom said...

Great post..great insight, great friends and support group! Keep on keeping on! Love you.