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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Sunday

The crisp fall air is just arriving, and I love it. I love curling up in my down comforter at night, and needing to peel it back immediately, because it's about 65 degrees, and I overheat. And waking up curled into a down mass, feeling suffocated, as even my face is covered, because it's a crisp 55 degrees in my room, as I left my window open.

I immediately pulled my jeans on, and hunted for a long sleeved shirt. However, hunger pangs settled in, and I became distracted. Sunday is my towns day for the local farmers market. I love this event, because of all the people I meet who seem do honest , and content with who they are, and where they are in their lives. It's a very wholesome environment, which I always appreciate. I also like that it's so easy to meet new people, or run into people you haven't seen in years. You just never know.

I have a new roommate now, who seemed genuinely excited to partake in the market with me. It was fun/entertaining for me to see someone else get so excited over handicraft trinkets. The new artisan bread-baker knocks me off my feet every time I see him, and I always manage to do something foolish, like lose my balance, or unknowingly, have food on my face(which, sadly isn't all that uncommon for me). We also stopped by the Chaga tent. A friend of mine markets Chaga mushrooms at many local markets, as well as in natural food stores. It's great to see familiar faces when I go now. It helps me to not be so cynical about the things and people I don't like in this town. That is always a good thing!

As input away my purchases back in my kitchen, the phone rang. I was surprised and pleased to hear from a friend I never see outside of her family gatherings. She was looking for a pal to for a walk, on this beautiful, early fall day. I'm almost always up for a stroll, but often go alone, because I don't deal with anxiety or impatience ally that gracefully, which is often that i feel i illicit these emotions for others. I walk slowly, and I have record of falling. People seem to take it upon themselves to feel guilty if I fall. I hate this. If I fall, it's usually my own fault, and if you knock me over, it won't break me. Those are some of the reasons why I don't choose to invite guests on my walks

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Julie/Mom said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you got something from the farmer's market that you can celebrate your B-day with!! I love the farmer's market too, and you have a great one!!
Hope your stroll was fun. Remember that when you fall, people just want to's human nature. I know it's annoying to you but take a deep breath and just get back up and smile....easier said than done.
Enjoy your day and have a safe, fun-filled time in Colorado!!!
Love you birhtday girl!