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Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Strangeness...

I must say there are certain details bout living in a monstrous apartment complex, that are not enviable. Actually, I have a plethora of them, though, today I'm only focusing on one. Which is what I refer to as the curiosity factor, among other things. This is my 3rd year living in this apartment complex apartment. In that time, I've realized that the majority of my 'neighbors' know exactly which apartment is mine. It's a little weird , but I'm not exactly concerned.
A little over a year ago, I was awkwardly shlepping some groceries back to my building, when someone Offered to carry My groceries for me. I begtudginly let him take them, although I was in my typical independent mode, where I wanted to do things for myself, and, therefore, was less than pleased some man had literally taken my groceries out of my hands. I shiftily answered his questions, as we walked, and, was less than pleased to make him aware of which apartment was mine. Didn't think there was any reason to worry, but. Still. Over the next several month he would occasionally drop by to say hello, invite me to eat with him and His friend. He took care of. I was never able to join him, nor did I particularly want to. Eventually he dropped by to say that he was moving, and I assumed that would be the end of our interaction.

Nope. 2 weeks ago, while my mom and dad were visiting, he drops by to say hello. I was rather surprised to see him in the first place, and in my effort to get him to leave, I caved, and accepted a lunch invitation. Let's just say, it's pretty awkward when you agree To meet someone, and have forgotten when they come to meet you. I'm at home parading about in my running spandex, scavenging for food when I hear a Knock at the door. When I opened the door, I was relatively surprised to see him there. I felt very rude admitting I'd forgotten I'd agreed to lunch. I quickly put on real pants. We went to this bar/restaurant in Mallets Bay. The conversation was your classic getting to know you type. About 2 sentences, after I heard about his grandchildren, he mentioned dating. I literally started choking, and pounding on my chest to reopen the airway. At that moment I profusely wished I wasn't so nieve. Not once, had it occurred to me, a Sunday lunch invitation could be a date. I immediately explained that I currently had no interest in dating him or anyone really, as I needed to focus on my rehab, hoping I'd dodged the bullet. Nope. He replies, "well as soon as you're ready, I hope you'll let me know." I immediately changed the conversation. Without a doubt, one of the most awkward situations I've ever found myself in. And I've already had more than my share, I say. He was very polite, and annoyingly chivalrous the entire time. I'm always fighting this crazy urge I have to kick people who demand to do everything for me. So there I am, on what I didn't intended to be a date, and I've basically just shot this guy down, though he's responded understandingly. He asks to take my arm as I take a step down, out of the building, and I begrudgingly allow it. No sooner have we stepped outside, the 2 men by the door, seize the opportunity to proclaim how sweet it is to see us together. I was overwhelmed by a need to vomit, and respond rudely, so I shot him a nasty look and bit my tongue. We got into the car and even though I wanted to go home, I found myself agreeing to walk down to North Beach. So awkward, and ridiculous, I was curious as to why you'd suggest another activity, after being shot down, but this was on me, since I'd agreed to go there. I'm sure any woman reading this, thinks I'm a moron for going to another place, buy I never felt vulnerable, just apprehensive and slightly angry about being so unassuming. I got home, and immediately ran away from my thoughts and confusion at the track.


Julie/Mom said...

wow....I don't remember him coming to the apt. when we were there least he's not living at the complex anymore. and he's a grandfather?
You always seem to have good judgement when it comes to people so just try to listen to your instincts and have a good time.
Love you!!

Marti said...

We've all been through this. It's not fun. As your mom said, trust your instincts!