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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I spent a good portion of my day today, revamping this blog. Something I've wanted to do for a while, though, not having a computer with a visible screen made it somewhat difficult in recent months. Also, not being willing to put aside enough time to stare at the computer screen all day long. It's not very difficult for the average viewer, but it takes my brain longer to realize exactly what it's looking at. So much for a decent reaction time. At lest I can see at all. It seems so strange to look back over the last 5! years, well almost. But it sure feels like more of an eternity, at this point. I suppose today's post is more of a pondering, than me writing about of the ridiculous situations life seems to present me with.
One of my co-workers at CHIPS recently sent out a link to a website losing 15 things we should ALL work on giving up. I love the staff at CHIPS for do many reasons, but having the reassurance to share a piece like this in your community of coworkers is well The bomb. The link is:
I hope you guys check out this link. It's a quick list, but profoundly lists my least favorite tendencies of people, in general, ad (I hope) helps us to consider ways to work on our major negative tendencies.
I know for myself personally, giving up resistance to change really hit home for me. Obviously perfection is a scale many of us prefer to hold ourselves too, but at some point, hopefully, it becomes relatively clear, it's an IMPOSSIBLE standard, as we all have a different definition. If I lived in a perfect world, then my heart wouldn't have stopped, and I would have spent the last 41/2 years chomping at the bit, in brain injury rehab, refusing to recognize my cognitive disabilities. Though I also wouldn't have had the opportunity to show myself, and others, you can do anything (within reason) you set your mind to. Its like it says in that link. "The mind is a powerful tool, when used properly."


Anonymous said...
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DAD said...

I love the colors!

You are so right... " the mind is a powerful thing..." " we can do anything when we put our mind to it!" (with in reason)

Thank you for your posts, they are great!

I'm heading to the link.

DAD said...


Love DAD

Marti said...

The list of 15 things to give up is good. I'm working on all of them. Also, scientists are learning that you can actually change your brain chemistry by your own thoughts. So think empowering, positive thoughts!

Thanks again, Court!

Julie/Mom said...

Nice post, nice change!