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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Full speed ahead!

My day began far too early for my normal standards. I got up at 630, out on real clothes, abridged my hair! Hillary was at the door,promptly at 730, and for once in my life, iras ready and waiting. Breakfast is somewhat of a motivator for me, I will admit. Somehow, I'd gotten Hillary to agree to accompany me to an awards breakfast for Burlington Partnership for a drug free community. When I lived with the Flynns, Kathy would drag me out of bed at 530 and drag me along. Funny how things change.
Unfortunately for me, I had another appointment at 830, so I missed the actual awards, but heard Mariah's opening remarks, as well as Burlington's new mayors, endorsement of this program, and all the steps their taking to have advertising of substance abusing products be removed from stores. Not being a user of either, I don't end to see advertising that I don't feel pertains to me. Though, I'm sure this has an enormous effect on young, impressionable students. I thought it was a very positive step in the right direction, and hope that one day, all convenience stores will follow suit, despite the fact, it will likely cause decreased profits.
Next, Burlington's new mayor addressed the group, endorsing the groups work towards positive change. The new mayor is young, attractive, and appears to be forward thinking and confident about bringing positive change to Burlington. It's a refreshing change, I'm happy to see Burlington become more progressive.
Sadly, as awards began, I had to leave for a standing appointment at 830. Often, being up for that is a challenge, on it's own. I think because I was excited to have breakfast plans, it was no problem. I said my goodbyes, running into the Flynn, extended family on the way out. I then saw the rehab. Psychologist, I'm supposed to see weekly, to help me cope with life now, or something. I would much rather have a standing PT appointment each week, but the state feels people in rehab. should share their feelings, which I just don't seem to able to do well. After, I had a booked a ride to the track at UVM. By this point it was cold, rainy, and one to ing outside. I used to love to run in the rain. The jogger, makes it too unsafe, so I haven't been in years. I went, and ran 6 miles, and was so happy, every step I took!
I took the bus home, and ate anything I had, and took a nap, before going back downtown to a walk for thought planning meeting. The fundraiser event, for the brain injury association VT, is this week. I feel like a bit of a failure, as I formed a team, but did no fundraising, because the website never let's me login, and I give up. Yay technology. Oh well, should be a good event, and hopefully promote awareness.

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