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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sneaky shenanigans...

I was ready to try and find my turn for what I consider to be a fairly standard week, for myself anyways. I worked, or went to my internship on Monday, came home and met up with some girlfriends I knew from the dorms at UVM. Back in the day... It was so wonderful to reconnect with that group. group of ladies! We all hung out for a bit, deliberating over how to make blue soup, to commemorate that evenings movie, Bridget Jones Diary. A blueberry sauce was created, in lieu of soup, as there was flan. Not quite a blue string soup, though much more appetizing. It was a fun, comfortable way for me to socialize with old friends. I was so happy to just hang out and not feel like I was on the spot to talk about my strange and unusual tales of my life presently. Tuesday, I met with sisstive technology, an appointment Michelle, my job coordinator has been trying for 6 months to get for me, to make the most of the iPad. Although late, she had an evident passion for working in that capacity. Her enthusiasm and vigor about each tool of toy in the office was contagious. We were there for 3 hours, asking, 'what's this?' about nearly every gadget. Did you know that there a tool to help someone without the use of their hands, write with their toes? So cool what people figure out, out of necessity. That night, my cold was disgusting, but I attended the walk forethought planning meeting, guiltily trying not spread my germs. Were meeting every week now, as the walk is in 2 weeks. Yikes. Wednesday, I convinced Deb, my case manager, to drop me off at the track, after our morning meeting. Hillary collected me, and we zipped over to small dog, the apple store, to thoroughly confuse them with a ridiculous list of what each of us wanted done to 3 computers. I sadly parted ways with my black MacBook, which got in 2007 as a graduation present. It needed to be replaced last year, but I've been getting by on the iPad. Because Hillary had to replace her computer from a recent car accident, we had the old one checked out, and it was still getting by. I was the fortunate recipient of the old machine. I'm feeling technologically savvy now that all of my I devices talk to my computer. It's a whole new world. She just updated my life by 3 years. So amazing!! Technology moves so fast these days. That evening, CHIPS, where I'm interning, held a small awards banquet. I didn't really want to go alone, but the people I'd asked, had other obligations. I got out of the car, and there's my dad. Such a fun surprise! I never know what to expect anymore. We hung oût and mingled briefly before everything began. I sat down choking away on cheese and suddenly to realize I was being introduced first, even though my name was last on the list. I stood up in front of the crowd still chewing. So impressionable. I was so excited to be recognized as a staff member! Even though my position is basically volunteer. All of the programs CHIPS dabbles in were individually recognized for their work. It was so inspirational to watch short feature movies touting CHIpS programs, all made by high-school students. We then launched into awards. Staff aren't eligible, and even though, I receive $4.50/hr. from the state, I consider myself an employee. Though, because the state pays me, I think of myself as an employee, as I'm being reimbursed, even if slightly, fir my time. Anyways, I received 'giraffe' award for sticking my neck out for the organization. Such a fun, inspirational group if people there, I certainly didn't feel like I was all that deserving, but am obviously pleased to take what I can get, or earn. We all, literally had our cake. I am not one to turn down double chocolate fudge cake. I literally inhaled it, as I hadn't had a chance to eat dinner. The cake did an excellent job with subsiding those pesky hunger pangs. To remedy my not having eaten dinner, Dad and I went to Al's for quick burgers. Soon as I walked into my apartment, I fell into bed. A looong, though excellent day!< Thursdays, Hillary and I work out seriously. She picks me up at 8, and all 3 of us went to start the day with yoga. Dad then treated us to breakfast at a Greek diner. I gobbled up my French Toast, as if I hadn't eaten in days. I had planned to check out a job fair, a mental health and human services non profit called the Howard Center. The agency itself us an amazing enterprise, and I have connections, through friends there. Although, I found zero positions I was either interested or qualified for. Disappointing, though I was glad I went for the experience and exposure. As we were leaving, Small Dog, the Mac store called to tell me my computer was ready. Dad met us there. He's slowly coming to the light side. Hillary registered for user courses, which made me think that would be good idea, as I've live in my private black hole for almost 5 years now, it's not an option presently. Nor, am I struggling with my computer, my new computer (not yet anyways). Someday, I'll figure it all out...
After, we hit the track so I could run. We did 3, and zipped over to power yoga. I was pretty well spent by then, electing not to participate in many of the standing poses. As soon as the class ended, we parted ways, and I tried to take my dad to the tacoria, as I went to last week, but the wait was absurd. We had burritos instead. After dinner, we returned, and spent half the night playing with our new toys. I received an unexpected present of an iHome to play music from the iPad or phone. Oh the wonder of technology. I'm so pleased everything syncs now! Big deal for me! I will at last, no longer have to endure the endless tirade my psychologist likes to put on. I've easily spent about 35% of my appointments listening to the paramount reasons apple technology can 'save' my life, and how I need to update my technology. I finally have been able to, so a huge thank you to Hillary, for her charitable donation!


DAD said...

AHHH, quick visit for me... COurt U R amazing! I had a great time w U and Hil. First the Chips group is amazing, what a great place to work! Next U and Hil , what a team... Both yoga's were fantastic. Just what my body needs.
I am so happy about Hil giving U her old MAaaaaaaaac book and the Small Dog help to get all set up.
We do have to go the the Mex place and Pannera next visit! Great work on the track. What a fantastic place to workout. Thinking of your motivation helps me stay on track. ( no pun here...)( maybe a little one )


DAD said...

Pic's of the ceremony to come, I forgot my cord to down load then to the computer. The will have to wait till next week when I back in Belfast. Sorry They are good ones too!

Marti said...

I'm looking forward to the pics of your time with your dad! Speaking of that program that allows someone to use their toes on the computer - do you remember that guy at the No Barriers Summit who played the guitar with his toes?? He was incredible.

Congrats again on your CHIPS award!! I'm so glad you were recognized for your hard work!