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Friday, May 18, 2012

Working with youth conference

I started my Thursday, at the unappealing hour of 6. I knew I had to be out the door, and dressed like a real person, at 745. I move so profoundly slowly in the morning, I knew I would need a lot of time. I got dressed, and went to the kitchen for a pre-breakfast. My roommate was up too, and says, "good morning, and just so you know, your shirt is on backwards, and your fly is unzipped." I fixed my clothes, and by then my ride was there. But, I was extremely thankful, she'd been there in that moment.
I was definitely nervous arriving, as this was not my usual circle of people, and I had no idea what to expect, nor, who would be there. It turned out that CHIPS entire staff was there, and I met so many wonderful people there. It felt like such a relief to be a part of something vocationally related, that was not about my brain injury. I was impressed by the keynote speaker Bobby ------- , the author of "Its not just who you know.". He spoke about his childhood, and never being made to feel like he could succeed in a intellectual career. He was willing to step outside of his comfort zone, and has achieved the most incredible successes. Definitely one of the most engaging speakers, I've ever seen. I know that I was hanging on every word, which is pretty rare for me. I often find it difficult to focus and pay attention after a certain point, always have. After , we adjoined, I went to what I thought was my first workshop, although, as soon as it started, I realized it was not, but felt rude leaving, as I had already introduced myself. It was a Q&A with the keynote speaker. I was pleased to hear more of his story, but that work shop adjourned early, so he could make his flight home. Not really having anywhere to be for an hour, I walked around for a bit, before settling down for lunch, where some of CHIPS staff doing a presentation on the recent unwashed weekend, they'd worked with MTV to put on. I wasn't part of that, at all, but was really proud to be a part of the organization. They did a great job with the presentation. Although, people kept asking me about it for the rest of the day, as my name tag, clearly stated what organization I was with.

After lunch, I had chosen a double session workshop, about group facilitation. This group was so light-hearted, and open, despite the fact that I move like a troll, and have dysarthria in my voice. It was so refreshing! I rarely feel at ease in professional settings, so this was really wonderful. By the time I got home, I was so drained. Really made me realize I don't socially interact enough. I've gotten so much better, but it shouldn't be so tiring for me. Yuck, soo much to work on. Though, such an amazing feeling to feel like I'm helping make a positive contribution, I just need my grants come through!


DAD said...

Thanks for posting! I always enjoy reading what you write. And yes,
I hope the grants are approved too!


Julie/Mom said...

Well, quite a day it sounds like! I think you did well to get through a social setting like that. It's draining for anyone when you don't know the people or the agenda. When will you find out about your grants coming through?
Hope your weekend is a great one! Enjoy the weather.
Love you, Mom

Julie/Mom said...
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