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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Space-Age Technology!!

Well, today was a first. I had an opportunity to check out what's called an Alter-G treadmill. Treadmills are normally the most nerve-racking piece of exercise equipment out there, in my world. You can only fly off them so many times, before you decide, perhaps that's not the tool for me. My gait is pretty erratic, and I'll easily clip an edge, and land in a confused, shocked, and disoriented heap. Yep, Queen of grace, that is me.

The allure of this particular treadmill, however, is that you are literally zipped into it. I got to wear some neoprene shorts, that are zipped into a hoop around me, and, securely fastened to the treadmill, itself. I realize, you, as the reader probably find the idea of being zipped into a treadmill, somewhat terrifying. But, the reason for this , is to enable the machine to lift you out of some of your weight. Like, an anti gravity treadmill. I imagine this technology is designed for professional athletes, to bounce back from injuries more effectively. I was thrilled to try it, to see if it could assist me in reestablishing a more normal gait pattern. Today, however, was not my day for relearning to run on a treadmill. I was on the machine for around an hour. I fell not once, not twice, but 3 times. But I hurt myself zero times!

One the very most frustrating things about this injury for me, is that I remember how to move, mentally, in every situation, yet, I'm not able to tell my body how to react, or move. I know, it's amazing I've been fortunate enough to regain the mobility I do have, and that it still seems to be improving, which I'm beyond thankful for the strides I'm making. Still, it doesn't make it easier to rationalize spending limited resources on super awesome, fancy pants technology, if I can't pick it up right away. Alas, no-one knows better than themselves, as to their physical and mental capabilities. It's just like using the jogger, somedays, are great, others, a disaster waiting to happen. Story of my life, really. The swat pants my friend screen printed SLOTH, on for me, in high school, could not be more appropriate now. Good thing, I still have them!

Even though, I couldn't get it today, there's always another day, and always the hope that a treadmill can help with training through the cold, snowy winters, as well, as in general. Looks like I've found yet another work-in-progress. Oh boy!


Julie/Mom said...

Yay....a good day when you find something to help you out in any situation. Too bad it's so expensive...but keep it up Court! I'd like to have one of those zip-suits for my life!! Ha....what a trip.....Love you.

Marti said...

Sounds awesome! I can't quite picture it, but I hope it helps!