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Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'll tell you what I did today...

All week, or, more correctly, all summer, I've been swapping emails about volunteering/ helping out at the kids rehab gym. More aptly , I keep forgetting to respond to inquiries, and they get lost in the overwhelming number of spam messages I get. But, that's all beside the point, I finally was able to connect with and check out the organization. Unlike the rehab gym, kids is a non-profit group, and seem to have too much to do, in too little time.
We started talking in June, and summer came, and my thoughts were elsewhere.
Today, I was able to go in, and meet the PT I'd been in touch with, as well as get to know the space in general. So cute to see teeny size treadmills, stationary bikes, even walkers. I think those were actually gait trainers. It was well, pretty fun to see what they do. Having been through, and/or used much of the equipment, it was pretty cool to really go and see what a lot of it was. I must've sounded like a cracker-jack, since every time she told me the name of a piece of equipment, I'd respond, "oh, that's what that looks like." I forget that the world doesn't understand that I was once fully blind, and now, thankfully not so.
It was an extremely interesting/ awakening way to volunteer some time. Also, for once, a productive morning. It's a vey rare day, I am showered, well dressed, and have eaten before 9. It's a good feeling, to know that I can do it though. I think I have a lot of self doubt, primarily from my rehab team. It's like anything else, they all have good and bad, or unhelpful qualities. What sticks with me the most, is when I'm told, I cannot do something because of how my injury has affected me. But that's also my biggest motivation, to get up, and amaze myself, and whomever else, with all the ground I'm covering, because 5 years ago, no one knew what the future held, in terms of my survival. I guess, it just comes down to the fact that I've worked this hard to get to where I am today, yet I can't get some people to slow down enough to consider how I could fit into their business or organization, All I know right now, is that I need to find a way to support myself, and my aspirations before I drown in red tape and pointless beauracracy. I realize we are very fortunate in this country, to have the freedoms we do, but if you're poor in the good oleUS of A, freedom seems like a pretty foreign idea.


Dad said...

Nice work! I get it, there are different definitions to the word,
Or different levels of the poverty, if you will. One of its prerequisite's is lack of knowledge, which by the way, you are not short of. Sometime though, finding the path thru the maze of distraction or even non value events is the hard or time consuming process. I do believe you are well on your way to a great future.... " life is like a Marathon" you have to keep running. Sometimes your times are better than others!

Marti said...

You, your Dad and your Mom are such good writers!

Your never-give-up spirit is so evident in everything you do or try to do.

You're the best, Court. You have a huge influence on so many of us!