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Friday, April 13, 2012

Well heeled...

Yesterday, the lovely Miss Hillary accompanied me to Fleet Feet, a running shoe store, I've had recommended to me on multiple occasions, and even had a $10 gift certificate from a race last year. 2 different people suggested I ask for the assistance of a knowledgeable older fellow, by The name of Geoff. I'd been told that his knowledge of shoes on the market, and understanding of properly fitting shoes was unmatched. After the hour and a half he spent helping me, I would certainly agree. Had a gentle, but to the point manner. Inexplicably, I felt comfortable volunteering my story. Even though it's been 4 years, it hasn't gotten any easier to explain what I've been through. I think, because I have a difficult time judging how different people will react, it's still not easy, but I think Colorado was very helpful for me in that respect, as I suddenly had to share my story multiple times of day there, it's never easy to explain what I've progressed from.
I ended up putting the shoes on hold, as I needed to check my finances, before dropping 1/4 of my allotment for the mont, on shoes. Nerve-racking! We ended our day together with 'power' yoga. The instructor has the most complete reassurance of self I've ever known anyone to have. His abilities to confit himself into many unthinkable (for me) positions, are staggering, if not endless. Personally, I appreciate the class, because it's such a broad spectrum of abilities. Then, I went home to dinner on the table. I love having a roommate who cooks when I least expect it.

Today, Friday, I was slow to rise, and by the time I'd showered, dressed, and eaten, it was 11. Hillary came an hour early, as she had to leave early, and I was off the wall excited, as I'd decided to splurge and go for the new sneaks!!! Once I got them, I was so excited to go for a run, and really break them in. The gentleman who'd assisted me the day before came up, and looked me straight in the eye, and told me he'd read my blog (this one!) which was so moving, as I don't often realize people are still checking this site out. I wanted to give him a big hug, but he was on the otherwise of the counter. I felt like I'd had the pledger of meeting a very special man, and hope our paths cross again.
We left on a mission for lunch. The only place I'm familiar with, is an awesome sandwich shop called Martones. I knew they made my favorite sandwich, and Hillary knew of it through friends. I had 10 minutes to eat my sandwich. If you know me, then you're probably aware, what trauma this was for me. I cannot eat quickly. I was still eating my 1st half as we rushed out. Luckily CHIPS was across the street, so I was still onyime. Our staff meeting was ladies only today, there are many more ladies than guys in the office. One of the ladies had stopped at my little cupcake, in Burlington, which was s decadent midday treat for all of us. Wow! I always like the staff meetings, as it's a chance to interact with everyone. They have such a great staff, I feel lucky to be part of it right now.

After the meeting, Hillary dropped me off, and I immediately got dressed , and went for a run in my new kicks. I'd planned to start slow, and only run 3. I felt so solid and strong, I ended up doing around 6. Making that my longest run of the year. When I returned, I finished my sandwich, and made eggs and sausage for dinner. I kept thinking if a big juicy burger, on my way back, but I don't ever have red meat at home, since I don't know how to cook it. And now it's late, and I'm tired. Thanks for reading about my hectic day.


Julie/Mom said...

Sounds like a great couple of days. Nothing like a new pair of shoes to make you feel brand new! I can't wait to wear some new shoes ,maybe soon I hope.
Best of luck on the half today. I look forward to talking to you tomorrow. You go girl!!!
Love to you.

Ash Boyes said...

You go girl! ;)