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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eek, what was I thinking?

Well, I had a wonderful weekend, enjoying all of the lovely weather we've been having. Ran (in my new sneakers, both days. Although yesterday's run was a definite miss. I went out, early for me, around 830. I doubt I'd gone more than a half mile, when I pushed the jogger over some kind of cover, and one of the 2 gallon water jugs flew out of the bottom, onto my feet. That, and the sudden change in weight, caused me to tip it over backwards pinning my hand under the handle bar. My only injury was road rash on my hands. Unfortunately, road rash is somewhat excruciating, especially on moving limbs or digits. I fell, and thought, I knew there was a reason not to miss cycling. In collede, I rode for UVM cycling, and of course, took some spills. Never thought I'd have to deal with it again. Of douse not. I'm at least so thankful it's not on my face. Hopefully those days are behind me. I was going by a business, and literally went down on my knees, at the feet of 2 people, who just stood there and stared. Once I was able to stand and realize how disgusting my hands were, I asked if ether of them could go indide and look for a tissue, or napkins. They looked at me strangely, and simply said no. The other one said I don't thinks. I was starting to hold myself back from getting upset, when a car pulls off the road. The driver gets out, and asks if I'm alright, and that he saw me go down, and what could he do? Meanwhile, the 2 trolls I'd asked for help, co continued to stand there and gawk. The man and his wife, who'd stopped to help, ran inside and helped me apply pressure to the new holes on my thumb knuckles. It only took about 5 minutes, to het my hands wrapped in enough napkins, for me to turn around and head back. I got back, and my roommate was there. She's often quite cheery, but paled so quickly, when I walked in and said, look what I did! and held my hands up. Everyone is different around blood, now I know she's the squeamish type. She made us yummy smoothies, and then I had to clean myself off and where nice attire, to see a matinee showing of titanic.

Given that it has been 100 years, this year, since the mighty ocean liner, Titanic, sank, the musical, is quite popular this year.I went with a woman I knew from living with Kathy. She was kind enough to pick me up. When we got downtown, she really didn't want me to have to walk very far, and stopped in traffic, and I had to cross the street. Terrified, I was actually lucky there was so much traffic, and drivers were already going slow. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd anticipated. As I went in, I felt like I was at the theatre alone. It turned out, I more or less was, as I had different seating than most of the others. We all exchanged hellos and praised Brittanys performance, and I ran off to stand in a endless line, for the one accessible bathroom. All of a sudden, a theare peronell man approached me about another bathroom in the back. I was so thankful, as that sped up my wait, and I didn't miss any of the show. That is one of the ever so rare 'perks' to a disability. I, now, always really appreciate.
After intermission, the ship sank, and the drama intensified. The play is entirely different than the movie, the only real similarities beingvthe division of economic class, and the ship sinking. Nearly every time I've seen a show in the last 4 years, I've re-realized how much I enjoyed theatre in high school. Although it's probably more appealing now, as the idea of pretending to be someone I'm not, is vastly more appealing now. Sad, but true. This year, I've had more random people recognize me fom the bike path with my baby jogger. Today, I actually had the opportunity tell someone why I use the jogger. I usually realize I shoulve talked about my brain injury before we parted ways. Hindsight is always 20/20, so they say.

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Julie/Mom said...

I can't believe the audacity....or maybe just being numb- of some people. When someone is hurt it's only human to stop and ask if they are ok.. I'm happy to hear someone else did. It takes all kinds to make this world. So glad you're alright!!
I heard the Titanic play was great and Brit did a "crystaline performance" singing! Glad you got to go!!
I had a great time time with you last weekend and miss you muchly!!