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Friday, April 13, 2012

Reunion with the Flynns! (Easter)

I typically see the Flynn's every few months, as they're thoughtful enough to still include me in various family functions. With mixed messages about my first Easter invitation, with my friends, Stacie and Jason, a couple I originally met over laundry at keenes. We've kept in touch, and they just moved back into the area(Yay!), so, I'd planned to attend church with them, at start-up community church in Waterbury. The catch for me, was being dressed and out the door before 830. At 745, I was dresses and eating when I hot a text, saying they weren't going. I didn't realize I should've followed up, as they went to a different service. I, on the other hand, pigged out on 3 massive meals with the Flynns. I was happy I had food to contribute, as I'd made strawberry shortcake the night before to bring to Easter Dinner. We had it with breakfast instead. Among quiches, breakfast meats, fruit salads, and croissants. I felt as though I'd eaten my caloric intake for the day, before 930.A number of us retired to the couch, which turned into plying wii, and just dance. I have this game as well, though rarely play. I learned that it's exceptionally easy to get a great score, if you just shake the controller to the beat. Always good to learn to cheat you're own game, I suppose. After, awkwardly winging around the living room, we received Easter baskets. I have to say, a basket of chocolate, makes any day amazing! I somehow managed to not gorge on all at once, and am slowly rationing it out, by hiding it from myself. This only works, because of my memory issues though.

Next, we got in the van, and watched what I assumed would be an extremely lame sic fi movie, about robots. Nope, it seems, I'm still a sci-fi geek, and completely appreciated the story of a boy, reviving a robot, from the scrap heap, to claim world robot boxing championship. I will say that this same story is told a thousand different ways though. Your classic under dog claiming victory tale.

By the time we arrived in Crowne Point, I'll admit, Easter dinner was not the first thing on my mind. Oddly, Kathy's sister, Joanne, whom we were visiting, is an old coworker if mine from Fletcher Allen. Such a small world.

We all enjoyed ham and turkey, before moving on to an extraordinary number of side dishes and desserts. I got home around 830, and immediately retired into my bed, silently scorning myself for overeating so grandly. Id forgotten how grandiose Irish-catholic holidays are.

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