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Thursday, February 20, 2014

An average day

Woke up before my alarm went off.  This only happens when I don't have a pressing schedule.  Being that I'm makiingva real effort to clean out my stockpiles of food I've never cooked, I spent the morning devising a simple meal.  I also spent a lot of time in Facebook, trying to put myself out there, and do some fundraising for my annual 'snowcation' in Crested Butte.  This time of year is always pretty exciting as I get geared up to spend se time with Maggie, the Adaptive Sports Center!  It all happens so fast.  Every year, I find the travel bug more voracious than ever!

If only I could  find my dream job, that lalowed me to travel,  Be adventurous, and write/publicize adaptive ventures.  

If I've learned anything from acquiring g an unheard of disabity, it's the importance of finding my own path.  And keeping on track with it.

These days I'm beginning to remember who I used to be.  My dreams from another lifetime, the goals, accomplishments, and drive.  The abilities I learned from my early years, life was looking up, as I got ready to take that next step.  I was surrounded by such amazing people, in those years, around the clock.  Of course there were minor pitfalls, injuries, and heartbreaks.  But everything moved so quickly there was no time to stand back, and learn from it.
I was a smart kid, but also very headstrong.  I did things my own way, to learn the process for my own peace of mind.  I still need that, and it still upsets others, imagine that!?

I am not someone who appreciates the process of preparing a meal, however, I love the finished product.  I found some whole wheat noodles, a stock pile of pasta sauce, and rescued some chicken sausage from freezer burn.  I'm not often willing to brave the art of handling 2 burners at once, but it all came together today, and reveled in the the form of a new, and seemingly tasty dinner.

Once I'd restored the kitchen to its original state of grime, I tried to hurry up, and get out the door before my cardiology appointment.  I saw the nurse practitioner.  An aide came in first, and announced she needed to do a EKG.  I bit my tongue, in orer to not start bitching about what an impractical use of taxpayers dollar were being spent, on a test that couldn't give them any new information.  I later made that comment to the NP, as she explained my relatively normal current heart function.  I understand medicine is a regime here, and you have to follow protocol, to avoid mistakes, and, err lawsuits.  I just get riled up because we spend billions more for healthcare in this country, and, of all the developed countries, our outcomes, and expenditures come in last place, among the developed nations, in the world.  I can rant about this endlessly, so, I'll cut myself off here.  But, yes, we have the WORST healthcare access system the world.  Go USA...

Normally, I'm the person who holds all their thoughts, and feeling in.  Although, whenever I find myself in a situation with an unfamiliar professional, I begin to espouse the problemsoif the medical care system in this country.  I didn't intend to directly blame her.  This woman was all in all nice to me, and I went ballistic and called her a muppet of a failing system, which frankly was terribly rude of me.  It's not her fault healthcare is so dreadfully administered here, she probably became a health care professional to help people, not to engage in policy, and regulation battles with clients.  My conclusion, the system is rubbish, and sometimes I'm a bigger ass than I I tented to be.  There we have it.


Julie/Mom said...

I hope your healthcare professional realizes that when you get that riled up and are's "partly" because of the brain injury. No holes barred! Venting is always so cathartic!
I hope your trip to CB is fabulous .... and good luck fundraising.
Love you the most!

Dad said...

Din sounded great, funny I'm like that too. The end product sometimes is more attractive than the process of making it. Ie dinner.
Ok here we go; the US health care system is a profit model across the board! Yes of course we have Va, Medicare, retired military or fed employee coverage, but beside that it's all insurance with a profit model. Hmm CEO salaries and share holder profits are now a cost of that insurance! To me, that is a bad model! Doctors, that's another story. Although it's clear some are in it just for the money. When a cardiologist does 5 $50,000 procedures in a day, what is he thinking about at the end of the day? How many people he helped or how much money he made?
As a country the choice to allow medical insurance to use a for profit model was not "for the greater good" now, how do you put the bad Genie back in the bottle?

I say this Senator Bernie Sanders is a ray of hope in a storm of special interest politics.

America has a fundamental ideal, that being anyone with any background can achieve their dream, if they are motivated enough and talented enough. We are slowly destroying that ideal by becoming a politically dysfunctional government and by allowing special interest to pull the strings for policies and legislation
That is Not For The Greater Good!
Ok that's all for now