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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Once upon a time..

Everyday is different for me, not only in regard to how my head is dealing with life, but also with how how very little structure I have.throughout my experiences with my brain injury, I've been forced to accept many different new realities.  Although, recently, I had to come to terms with my personality type.  Much of my young life I thought A type personalities were among the most annoying, and pushy humans I'd met.  Actually, I still often think that, but that's irrelevant.  Recently, I put it together that I also have that personality type.  There are several other, more positive attributes to this personality.  Fiercely motivated, strong willed, or driven.  This personality type can be super annoying to others when we brag constantly about accomplishments.  I guess I say this, because sometimes it seems as if this blog is dedicated to my daily accomplishments grand, or mundane.  I hope it doesn't read that way.  This is a long and twisted path I walk now,, but I hoope the hardest bit, is behind me now.

Not a whole lot is diffent now that my proper  rehab program is over, except that there are far fewer people in my life, on a day to day basis.  I will always be seeking to impove, not just because of my injury, but also because that's who I am.  Life is, actually  short. 2nd chances don't come around everyday, so I feel I'd like to make the most of mine.

Moving on, I was nervous about PT today, as I had 2 massive myoclonic jerks this morning, in the kitchen.  Basically my left side convulses, and I find myself 3 ft away from where I'd been.  I used to just end up in a heap, whenever this occurred.  But, today I saved myself once, and the refrigerator handle saved me the other time.  Those big twitches are usually an indication I haven't taken my seizure meds, but, I already had, so it remains a mystery to me.  Thankfully, I only had those 2, and didn't have any others.  So, the balance/obstacle course part of PT flew by, but is always somewhat draining, because it still requires ALL of my mental focus, and concentration.  I've been working on it for a little over a year now, and while I'm miles ahead of where I started with it, I  still have miles to go. 

I finished my afternoon, with a meal at city market, and headed over to the YMCA, to get some aqua jogging done.  Chipping bone off my big toe, hasn't been great for my running, so I've returned to the pool, to pretend jog through the water.  It's just as ridiculous as it sounds, but it's really helpful with sustaining your aerobic abilities, so I'm trying to be better about it.

In the locker room, I ran into an friend/acquaintance from our UVM days.  That is always really exciting for me!  We were both Alternative Spring Break site leaders.  We never led a trip together, but I knew her from training.  Oddly enough, I'd thought my coleader, Erika, from my first trip, when 'Stuck in the Middle with you' began go play, at the gym.  My brain has started making connections again!  Random and insignificant as it may seem, I've lived like an empty shell, slowly collecting matter, but not enough to even see all that was amiss.   Trust me, it's strange.  My point being that making connections to things in my pre injury life, is a huge step for me.  I hope I can only look forward to more of it, as I put myself back together.


Dad said...

Awesome post! Had a fantastic visit last weekend!
Have an Awesome time at Cannon with Marty!

Julie/Mom said...

It's hard to know why you have those tremors and would be good to find out why. Probably that won't happen tho'. I hope your toe doesn't bother you this weekend . Have a great time....can't wait to hear all about it and see some pics!!
Love you the most!