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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nerves of steel (I need)

Well, my hope has been restored thanks to my amazing family. I called the laser surgeons office yesterday to book an appointment. I guess electing to have a surgeon reshape the cornea in my eye, with a laser is what I want, actually, I just want to be able to see without wearing glasses on my face, or getting corneal ulcers from contacts. The idea behind this surgery seems so revolutionary. All of my neurological doctors have not had a reason why I shouldn't have this procedure, which is an incredible relief!
There's always a potential for harm in some fashion, with everything we do, so I'm trying my best to keep in mind that chances of this surgery going wrong are probably similar to that of a plane crashing into my apartment. Do I ever worry that might happen, nope. Therefore, I'm trying not to worry that I could have a complication, or go blind (again). They just have to tell you those things, in case, to save their own behinds. Although, I certainly do not recall being warned that cardiac arrest was a potential side effect of Yaz. I felt pushed into that decision, because, what I'd asked for had apparently been taken off the market. I feel like I need to be so much more vigilant now, in terms of every medical decision I make for myself. I tried to use good judgement, but, I think that I probably put too much trust in others judgement, and not enough in my own. Acquiring a brain injury is an extremely crappy way to have to learn that lesson, I must say.

Nearly every doctor I've regularly seen since my injury has received calls from me, my family, and the laser surgeon. All I can do now, is hope for the best!


Ash said...

Extremely crappy way to have to learn that lesson... *sigh*

Dad said...

Keep on was last pm? Maybe a morning run
Today? Can't wait to talk tonight!

Julie/Mom said...

Best of luck today! A lot of people have you in their prayers today so go in there with a smile and confidence! Talk to you tonight. I love you!!!

Marti said...

I'll be thinking about you all day. You'll be fine. Millions of people have had this procedure and your doctor is one of the best.

SEE you soon! Breathe. . .

PS Every time you get nervous, just think of a pigdeer.