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Friday, February 24, 2012

With hard work, comes reward...

Today, Hillary and I treated ourselves to a day devoted to relaxing, and general mindfulness. The sun actually peeked through the clouds a bit, this morning. We took advantage of it, by lumbering along the bike path on the water. Absolutely gorgeous to be on the lake, albeit, slightly depressing, that there's not not a smidgen of ice anywhere. I can't necessarily complain, as it makes my life so much more difficult, cecause I'm already unstable. But, it's late February, in Vermont. The lake never froze, and we've yet to see a snow storm. I've heard people saying the wildlife is confused, as winter never really came this year. I'm more disappointed, than confused.

And, now that I'm totally off track here, back to the story I was telling... So pleased with my brain for coordinating my legs to run without the jogger. I feel so free now. Less stable, and just as slow, but so much less weight. :) After our run in the sun, we treated ourselves to massages. Having not had one in over a year, made me realize how much I put my body through everyday. You've most likely gathered, by now, that I don't let much get in my way. My motto is often, where there's a will, there's a way." But, my body takes a beating, no matter what I'm trying to do. I will always have the klutz chromosome to contend with. Although, I only landed in the dirt once today, making it a great day for my stability.
It's my theory that most of the tension, and tightness I experience, comes from actively looking down at the revolutionary iPad all the time. Like right now. And it's amazing, for the moment, as my neck isn't bothering me yet. And I can't ever post a blog entry without being concerned my beck could possibly be stuck in that position. Afterwards we headed to power yoga. Doesn't seem any more extreme than other classes, although, the yogi can clearly master many poses, I estimate not many others can. What I love about yoga, is that it teaches me to appreciate how you can work with your own body, and strengthen areas that give you difficulty. If I'm unable to support myself in one area, I know what I need to work on.
I've also been working on my running a lot to prepare for the half marathon I signed up for in August. My goal is to do it without the baby-less jogger. I can do 5 now without it, I'm not all that worried about strength training, but I am worried about getting tired on the course. I'm not really able to perceive normal signs of fatigue, and go until I miss a step and fall. And then repeat that until I hurt myself. So there you have it, my lengthy explanation of why I push myself to run.

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