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Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow dance!!

Here we are on Sunday, I'm obviously at a loss for how to start today's entry. Had a nice, quiet, day to myself. In my opinion, I feel like I need time to be on my own, make my own decisions, re-figure out how I want to deal with life. Kind of complex right? Well, it is for me anyways.

I'm looking forward to an exciting week , I hope. Tomorrow, I'll be pretending I'm writing a grant, begging for money, for CHIPS, the teen center I'm interning with. Tuesday, I sporadically signed myself up for a trip to Montpelier, to share my story, and help keep the TBI waiver program (which entirely supports me) afloat. I always enjoy going to the state house, because it reminds me, how hard other people are working to help me progress, especially when I'm unimaginably angry, frustrated, and confused by what changes are made, and in what time frame. I feel that TBI is a giant umbrella term that addresses any possible damage a person, who may have sustained an injury to the brain. From concussions to strokes, or cracking your head open. It seems particularly unfair to put so many widely varying issues into one category. I go to one, if not, two support groups every month, and hear new, appalling stories about what different people have been through, in regards to their own TBI's. In the past 4 1/2 yrs. I've never met anyone with a condition like mine, in regards to anoxia. Definitely alone in that respect. Depending on what part of a persons brain sustains the most damage, reflects the types of difficulties they may fight with. Every situation is different, therefore every brain injury is different. Personally, I intensely dislike being considered in the same vein, as people who've endured concussions. By all means, I support prevention, but I also feel like we need to widen people's perspectives, in terms of how to approach getting the support the BIA needs, to continue offering their supports to survivors, like me. I'm hopeful, they're able to make themselves heard, in a way that is beneficial, in terms of funding, and raising awareness.

Wednesday, is appropriately the hump in my week. I'm holding out hope, that temps will drop, and snow will fall, so that I can do some snowboarding. I'm half convinced spring is already here. So bizarre to see the lake completely open, with mo ice, even on the shore areas. This no longer seems like a winter oriented location. I thought last year was sad, but this year is far worse. I want to play with my snowshoes, go snowboarding as often as possible. If only..

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Julie/Mom said...

For some reason I just got this post. It is so well written! I am constantly impressed by your writiing skills but also how you are able to express your feelings without others feeling sorry for you. I'm happy the grant came out well. Keep up the great writing !!