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Monday, December 17, 2007

Crotch Videos, Courtney heads into Surgery

Courtney heads to Catholic Medical Center early Tuesday morning to have her defibrillator surgically removed. We pray the procedure goes smoothly, Doug, Julie, Marty, Tsuni (our trusty mutt) and I will be there for moral support. We may even be able to bring Court back to the mountain on the same day.

I put together a few more videos that I captured earlier this week (unfortunately they don't magically appear courtesy of the YouTube gnomes). Court lets me use her Mac to upload and edit the video, iMovie is a really user-friendly program, I feel like the Francis Ford Coppola of making films around Crotched Mountain. I wish the quality would come out a little better, anybody have any tips or an extra HD camera lying around?

Physical Therapy (busting her butt)

Playing in the Snow

Headed to Dinner



Debbie said...

courtney is in my thoughts this morning as are all of you. you are all so amazing. her strength and courage and your love will have her home in waldoboro soon.
much love, debbie

Marti said...

I loved the videos. I'm so impressed with Courtney's progress. I had no idea she could walk and move that well!

Go Court!! Good luck today! You are always in my heart.