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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Preping for a Big Storm

We've been enjoying an easygoing weekend, I'm glad we were able to go outside and also do some shopping before tomorrow's inevitable snow-in (100% chance of snow, 6 inches+). Nearby Peterborough has a full-scale Eastern Mountain Sports, Court walked well through the store, I think Doug and I we were more likely to knock over displays than she was. She tested out the latest winter fashions which may or may not have been a sneak peak at potential Christmas presents.

In the afternoon we had a great late lunch at our house in Greenfield. Not only is there tasty food, but a bottomless couch, HD television, fireplace and decked-out Christmas tree. Our hosts Brenda and David, their daughter Sarah and friend Jennifer and been very gracious to us since we landed at Crotched Mountain, I couldn't imagine what we would have done if they hadn't welcomed us into their home.

Here are a few pictures from earlier in the month, Courtney making fun of the way I smile, the parting shots of the well-traveled G-tube and her sticking out her tongue which is an hourly occurrence.



Julie/Mom said...

Sean, your picture taking is a welcome sight to all I'm sure! You do a great job. Thanks for the update on how you spent yesterday as I was unable to get in touch with anyone for a while. We are snowed in up here in the north country too and loving it. I only wish we were all together. We will be back tomorrow.. Miss you all.
Love, Julie/mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean, where are those snow angels I heard about???

Marti said...

Sean, I love the pics! Courtney is sooo cute. She really looks good. I heard about the snow angel incident, too, Sean. How about pics or video of that????

Again, I can't wait to get out there and see Courtney & family plus the snow. I haven't seen a lot of snow in many years! Yahoo.

Sharyn said...

Hi Julie, Sean, Marty and Doug- A big hello from the other patient and his mom. We are back at MGH. - Caleb's shunt had to be removed as a result of infection. Now we wait till the bug goes and a new shunt is put in. You sound as tho you are in good hands on the mountain. We will more than likely return to Spaulding for a stint- but it will be the newer facility in Sandwich, closer to home. I am holding up but share your frustrations for wanting everything to be back the way it was. I miss your kind faces and want to wish you the very best holiday and an even brighter year to folow. I am wathing over you from this end, even tho I don't always write. Be well my fellow travelers, Sharyn