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Friday, December 21, 2007

Playing in the Snow

(a view from across the parking lot of Hayden)

It certainly feels like Christmas in New Hampshire today after another two days worth of snow flurries, Courtney broke out the snow pants again and we dove into the field outside. To balance the harsh winter season in New England, the first couple of storms are a beautiful time - there's a white silence outside, the snow is light, fluffy and clean, kids are excited to hear about the weather (albeit with the ulterior motives). We played outside until Court's face went frigid and dried off while watching some showshoers cross the field as part a rec program, which we may have to take advantage of soon. Not to say how long we'll be around, but Crotched Mountain also offers adaptive ski and snowboard programs at the nearby ski resort.

Although Courtney's had to take it easy on her left defibrillator-less arm, she's still working hard in physical therapy in walking longer distances, climbing stairs and standing. She began practicing with a walker last week and was pretty unstoppable, the plan is to upgrade to the walker and eventually weed out the wheelchair. As if training her body to walk again wasn't enough, having to do so with very limited vision is all the more impressive. But her vision is becoming less "limited" by the day, she has recognized large, bold letters on a piece of paper or computer screen a few feet from from her face, being able to make out my handwriting alone requires a hawk eye.

We went over Courtney's timeline of the past two years in speech therapy today and I was surprised at some of the details she was able to pick out from this past summer. She talked about seeing the demolition derby at the Champlain Valley Fair as well as cruising tourist attractions in Grand Isle County with me. She remembered the kissing donkey at Allenholm Farm, which I'm sure made for some interesting commentary in the therapist's notes.

It looks like there'll be a caravan of visitors to the mountain over the weekend and some coming for the holiday. I'll be home in Connecticut up until Christmas, with any luck finding my way to the Patriots-Dolphins game on Sunday, then coming back to ring in the new year with Court in Greenfield. It's ok for recent brain injury patients to drink champagne, right?



Anonymous said...

WOW -- Court, we are SO proud of you! Keep up the awesome work ~ and happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

YAY! Glad to hear your enjoying the snow. See you this Sat, w. G. Krizzle, after your hair appointment ;)


Hazel said...


I'm so proud of you, you're an amazing person, and your strength is inspirational. Best wishes in the new year, hopefully I'll be able to come visit in the new year!


Anonymous said...

Successful removal of the defib and continued progress on the vision front...joyous news! I also wanted to share an idea with our 7:00 prayer group. I thought we might choose 2 or 3 specific nights to concentrate even more than usual on a return of Courtney's vision while all visualizing a shared image. I will probably not be able to check in again until after Christmas but perhaps we could consider starting the new year with such an effort. Please let your thoughts be known on this idea. Until then, I know I will be praying particularly fervently on Christmas Eve at 7:00 and I will picture the October 6 image of Courtney from her Aunt Marti. It shows Courtney in front of an impressive rock formation; she is bathed in white light from the sun peeking out from above the formation.......until then I wish you all comfort, joy, and miracles. To use the quote on a particularly well know Mary Engelbreit illustration: BELIEVE.
Phyllis D.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Courtney! I'm thinking of you during the holidays and always wishing for your recovery! I love all your videos; keep 'em coming! I'm so impressed with all of your progress and your strength is an inspiration! You're one tough cookie; but you know that. Keep it up doll face!


Melissa said...

Merry Christmas Court! Always thinking of you! We may have to crash your New Year's party if the weather holds up - hope you don't mind...!

Patricia said...

Sean, I've been away from the computer for a few days...but I want to say that one of Courtney's greatest gifts in her life is YOU! I'm sure her healing journey would be much more difficult without you.......

Patricia said...

Courtney, it's so great to hear of your progress with walking & it's so great that your sight is improving. You're working so hard & every hurdle you overcome, however small it may be, is another step forward....
Lots of Love,